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Police procures motorcycles for detectives in remote areas

Procured motorycles parked at CID headquarters in Kibuli. Courtesy photo

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The police force logistics directorate has procured 100 motorcycles for detectives in hard to reach areas.

Criminal Investigations director AIGP Grace Akullo announced in July 2019 that the Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola had promised to procure motorcycles for investigators particularly in remote areas.

The revelation was made during a one-week retreat for Criminal Investigations Commanders that was held at CID headquarters at Kibuli. On that same day, Ochola made his maiden visit to CID where he engaged more than 200 senior detectives.

Headed by Senior Commissioner Richard Edyegu, the logistics team has since delivered the bikes to CID headquarters including helmets. The bikes wait to be distributed to investigators in upcountry places.

CID spokesperson Charles Twine said the motorcycles will increase efficiency in conducting investigations since many detectives could spend a lot of time trying to find means to reach crime scenes in remote areas.

“With these motorcycles, our detectives will be able to respond to crime incidents in time,” Twine said. “It will also enable them to present exhibits in time so that they can be stored safely. The transport struggles will reduce.”

Police force has over 1,600 stations across the country. Each police station has a CID commander at the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police. In addition, police have a number of police posts almost in every parish but each has a detective.

Over the years, CID boss Akullo has cited lack of sufficient means to respond to emergencies and insufficient personnel as some of the impediments to effective and timely investigations of crime incidents.

Akullo in her latest crime report lamented slow/poor response to emergencies or occurrences plus some police officers taking long time to respond to scenes of crimes and reported cases. The current strength of CID personnel is only 5,292 instead of the approved 19,843 leading to work overload.”

Although Twine has not revealed upcountry places that will be given priority during the motorcycle distribution, places that have been leading in crime cases will be considered first. Some of the upcountry places in most need include Karamoja, Sebei and West Nile.



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