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Police investigating journalist for spreading harmful propaganda

FILE PHOTO: Deputy Police Spokesperson Polly Namaye

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Police in Kamuli are investigating journalist Tom Bebayanga for allegedly spreading harmful propaganda.

Deputy Police Spokesperson Polly Namaye told a press conference at the Uganda Media Centre today, that Bebayanga wrote stories that were capable of causing harm to the district COVID-19 Taskforce and the police were investigating him.

“I can’t tell you what exactly he did but what you should know is that we have opened a file against him,” Namaye told URN separately. This comes just a day after the police in Kampala arrested but later released NBS journalist Samson Kasumba for involving himself in ‘subversive activities.’

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga yesterday couldn’t reveal what nature of activities Kasumba together with others were involved in. When asked about the progress of that case, Namaye equally declined to comment.

“That’s for the court to decide, we have been accused of declaring people guilty in the past for revealing a lot of information to the media about cases,” Namaye told URN at the sidelines of the press conference.

Meanwhile the police said that they recovered 48 fake movement stickers. Namaye said that majority of these stickers were for supermarkets and grocery stores.

“These people are very aware that we are in a lockdown, this is not a joke, we must cooperate to be safer than we have been before. We want to encourage you to stay indoors and stay safe,”Namaye said.

Frank Baine, the spokesperson of Uganda Prisons revealed that cases of fraud are increasing in his docket.

“The conmen are calling the relatives of the prisoners and tell them that your prisoner died, so they want mobile money to transport the body to your home. Others claim that they are sick and they need money very urgently for treatment. Don’t give anybody money,” Baine said.

He called upon the public to report such cases to police to arrest such people.



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