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Police in Karamoja warned against human rights violation

Moroto, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Police Anti Stock Theft Unit (ASTU) command in Karamoja has urged its officers to observe human rights and be disciplined in the course of carrying out their duties.

Elias Kasirabo, the ASTU commandant for Karamoja region said that as an institution, police has paid serious attention to the observance of human rights and ensuring the protection of people and their property.

Kasirabo said that they are observing high levels of commitment of the institution for the promotion of human rights as well as the role of securing the lives and properties of people in the region.

This was raised during the pass out ceremony of 99 police officers who have been undergoing the refresher training course at Olilim police training school.

While addressing the officers on Wednesday, Kasirabo urged police not to be perpetrators of human rights abuses or accessories to human rights violations.

Kasirabo added that the police anti stock theft unit should stick to the standards of conduct for personnel assigned to the duties of protecting the lives and properties of people.

The trained police officers are part of the 1,500 ASTUs who were deployed to boost the security in the region aimed at cracking down on armed warriors and cattle rustling.

Moses Wanyama, the chief trainer says when the ASTUs were passed out from their training school, they realized that the armed Karamojong warriors did not feel the weight of their officers which prompted them to subject the security personnel into fresh training.

Wanyama said the institution has invested in training programs for the officers’ enhanced selection criteria and strengthening their ability to work. He added that they are organizing more training starting May this year and will run for three months so they can build capacity on self-protection.

Early last week, human rights groups reported an upsurge of human rights violation by the joint security forces against the pastoralist communities. Over 83 cases were registered from January 2021 to the month of march 2022 of which 12 cases were tagged to police.



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