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POLICE: HIV positive father in jail for defilement of daughters hangs self

Muhammad Nsubuga the Greater Masaka Regional Police Spokesperson during an interview on death of the suspect. PHOTO URN

Masaka, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Joram Rwakahinga, a father of three and resident of Kikuuta village in Bukango sub-county, Bukomansimbi district has committed suicide after he was detained for sexually molesting his daughters, Police have said.

According to Police, the suspect aged 35, hanged himself inside the cells of Kikuuta Police Station where he had been detained on the offence of threatening violence against his mother, with whom they were feuding over land.

The deceased, according to police, was arrested after he threatened to harm his mother, but shortly after, his two daughters aged 12 and 16 confessed that he also was sexually abusing them.

Muhammad Nsubuga, the Greater Masaka Regional Police Spokesperson confirms that Rwakahinga used a string from his pair of trousers to hang himself in the police cell where he had been locked up on Tuesday.

He adds that before his death, the suspect had been subjected to a medical examination which established that he was HIV positive and had accordingly infected the daughters.

Nsubuga says the victims have now been considered for counselling to enable them to recover from the emotional torture which was caused to them by their father.

The July 2021 report on Sexual violence and exposure to HIV research by the Center for Disease Control-CDC-Kampala indicates a substantial increase in cases of sexual violence against teenagers generally across the country during the COVID-19 lockdown.

When compared with the 6-month period before the lockdown in 2020, the report indicates that the six months afterwards showed a 24 per cent increase in reports of rape and a 30 per cent increase in sexual violence experienced by teenage girls.




  1. It’s until government opens up schools and is the only way this sexual abuse cases will be mitigated.. and also there must be serious punishment to the culprits in the sexual abuse cases..

  2. it is not that sexual abuse is on the increase but it is only getting reported.

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