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Police hail Aine’s courage, not giving away sh20m bounty

Uganda Police will not give out the shillings 20 million bounty they had put on the head of then fugitive Christopher Aine because he handed himself in.

“His voluntary return is a legal obligation which he has fulfilled,” Fred Enanga, the Public Relations Officer at Uganda Police told journalists today.  Aine  appeared next to Gen Salim Saleh on NTV 7pm news yesterday, saying he had handed himself in.

Enanga applauded Aine for helping dismiss “cheap propaganda claiming that he was in police custody”. He said others insinuated that he was killed by Police, after an image of a dead body circulated in the media that was said to be Aine’s.

Enanga confirmed that the shillings 20million bounty will not be rewarded to anyone since the conditions weren’t met especially with the suspect handing himself in.

Presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi’s former head of security Aine disappeared on  December 17, 2015, after he was involved in election violence incident involving National Resistance Movement and Go-Forward supporters in Ntungamo.

He claimed on TV that he run to Tanzania, and returned “ to clear out the bad air he left behind.”

He said he surrendered in the hope that that he will get a fair trial and freedom to continue with his business, and relations. That is the reason, he said, that he sought the support of General Salim Saleh.


The Police are glad to inform the public that Christopher Aine, who was wanted in connection to a case of assault occasioning grievous harm in Ntungamo Distrcit and also to answer court summons issued by the Chief Magistrates Court, Jinja, surfaced last evening, alive and in good health condition.

We are greatly relieved that he voluntarily handed over himself to security and indeed, through his public interview, put to shame, those who have all along used cheap propaganda to generate publicity over his disappearance, claiming he was in police custody and others who insinuated that the police had killed him.

Actually our wonder now is what the lawyers of the Go Forward, and also self – styled political activist, Charles Rwomushana, who rushed to making conclusions without conducting sufficient investigations on circumstances under which Christopher Aine disappeared, have to say!

We want to announce that the search for Christopher Aine has ended, and we would wish to applaud him for his voluntary return, an obligation he legally fulfilled. It is in this very regard, that there will be no consideration for the reward of Ugx. 20m (Twenty million shillings) only, initially placed on information leading to his arrest, because there was no information given, after the suspect handed himself over to security. The conditions set by police for consideration were not met.

We want to greatly thank and appreciate the public for their support, and although there would be no consideration, it should not undermine future attempts by police to get information about unsolved crimes by offering rewards.
On the matter of the way forward in respect of Christopher Aine’s situation, we shall at an appropriate time, make our position and inform the public.
CP Enanga Fred

Press and Public Relations Officer

Uganda Police


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  1. Elias Lukwago, without batting an eyelid, has stated on TV an innuendo that Government has been hiding Christopher Aine! What evil are we left with to commit to spite the NRM government?
    Lukwago no wonder. Lord mayors in the more enlightened World are selected from the wealthiest of the citizenry – which could also touch on their brains. You own a so unmayoral ka-house. You are severely misplaced. You should have been someone’s cheerleader; never mayor.

  2. For those wondering (maliciously or otherwise) why Aine went to Gen Saleh; Saleh may not be Aine’s biological father – he is Aine’s foster father. Julius Aine was one of the bravest fighters in NRA, one of the 27 original fighters that triggered the war that put paid to the UPC regime; Saleh and Julius were close friends. At Aine’s death in an a motor accident near Kashaka, Kashari, Saleh pledged to assist his comrade’s family. His reception of Aine Jr was noble; natural. I know what I am stating.
    I knew Julius Aine and his other wife (not Christopher’s mom) at Martin Rd – Julius migrated from my own parish in Rwakiizibwa-Kishoorooza (today’s Kashozi Sub County, Sheema District) to Kashaka – 15 miles away on Mbarara-Fort Portal road.
    Christopher’s rather derring-do behaviour can be equated to his father’s (and late Col Jet Mwebaze’s) and be described as ‘foolhardy’ bravery.
    Let Aine be left alone to a more settled, meaningful life.

  3. Let those who read a lot of evil in this saga rest their consciences. Elias Lukwago, Kiiza Besigye, Kaggwa Njala, Ssemujju Nganda, NTV’s Ssennyonyi, and more so the couple of genocide-minded poor devils David Pulkol and Charles Rwomushana are anguished that the young lad returned home unscathed. detractors are already plotting ways of making it appear as if government had him held hostage – Rwomushana (untypically pinned by Kaggwa Njala on NBS) wanting to cry on TV, seeking to wriggle out of the wishful thinking (a death) that he created for the World to see and hate Museveni as a murderer.
    Haters of NRM will eternally seek where to tarnish it; the courts will always exorcise the air around it of the protagonists’ spite; the Aines shall always return to shame the perpetrators of lies.

  4. The Mbabazi plan, did not work!
    He (Mbabazi), is nothing (in political terms) without M7.

  5. There is something very fishy with the way the police are handling this Aine matter. Could they have been involved in his alleged disappearance? Or are they just rogue like this cop from Jinja>>>>

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