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Philadelphia 76ers v Boston Celtics game preview

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The 2020-21 season will continue through the week of Friday 22 to Thursday 28 January 2021.

The first live game arrives on the morning of Saturday 23 January, as the Philadelphia 76ers play host to the Boston Celtics (02:30 LIVE on ESPN 2). This will be followed by the Denver Nuggets visiting the Phoenix Suns (05:00 LIVE on ESPN 2).

Philadelphia forward Tobia Harris has credited new coach Doc Rivers for the culture he has cultivated with the 76ers: “I think it’s more what [Doc] gets out of the whole group. I’m the type of player that my game can fall in line and whatever the coaches ask of me, I can get done. What he’s asking of this team is to play the right way, move the basketball, play with one another, use your teammates, really be a collective group…” ‘The mentality and the attitude of playing together, playing as one, doing what we can for the next guy, making the right pass, going from good to great. Just that mentality for myself, personally for my game, it helps me be in a flow and play better.’

The third and final live game for the week arrives on the evening of Sunday 24 January, with the Indiana Pacers taking on the Toronto Raptors (22:30 LIVE on ESPN 2).

Raptors coach Nick Nurse has recently praised rookie Malachi Flynn for his impressive performances, particularly in a 144-123 win over the Sacramento Kings: ‘He doesn’t have to do all the scoring that he did (in that game). I think he is a scorer, a bit. But I think it’s more kind of the long-term plan within a game. Him handling it and running the offence and getting us into it. Just enabling Kyle and Fred to not have to do as much work organising, playmaking.

“Certainly, we don’t expect Malachi to play as well as he did but maybe not as bad as he did the other couple games, either. He’s young, but he’s competitive and he’s got some game. We’ve got to let that mature a little bit as quickly as we can because we need him now.”

NBA match broadcast details

Saturday 23 January

02:30: Philadelphia 76ers v Boston Celtics – LIVE on ESPN 2

05:00: Phoenix Suns v Denver Nuggets – LIVE on ESPN 2

Sunday 24 January

22:30: Indiana Pacers v Toronto Raptors – LIVE on ESPN

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