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People Power losses trust in Bosmic after Museveni meeting

FILE PHOTO: Bosmic Otim

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The People Power movement has reportedly lost trust in Bosmic Otim, a popular musician and member of the pressure group in Acholi sub region over his suspicious alliance with the National Resistance Movement-NRM party.

Trouble for Bosmic started after his photo with president, Yoweri Museveni following a meeting in December 2019 started doing rounds on social media. Bosmic has been the People Power mobiliser in Acholi region.

The pressure group is led by Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, the Kyaddondo East Member of Parliament. Joel Ssenyonyi, the People Power movement Spokesperson says Bosmic’s meeting with the president isn’t surprising, saying they have got reports indicating that the artist has so far met Museveni twice.

He says that they also got reports that musician received money from the head of state, which casts doubt on his loyalty to the pressure group.

Ssenyonyi says Bosmic’s meeting with the president is a clear indication he is after money but not the struggle, adding that he has now lost the trust he earned from both the People Power movement and the public. He says although the musician has publicly acknowledged meeting the president, he has not yet informed them about the meeting.

Bosmic however says his meeting with the president wasn’t to solicit for money to cross to NRM party but rather to seek for payment for a song titled “Mzee wa kazi” he composed for Museveni’s 2006 campaign.

He says the song helped the NRM party to gain ground in the region, adding that the president had promised to pay for it but since then he has never received payment. Bosmic said the president promised to pay him Shillings 300 million for the song after meeting him one on one.

He says Bobi Wine and several other top opposition party leaders know about the song, adding that he has done nothing wrong to follow up payment for his work to benefit his family.

He however, declined to comment on whether he is still an active member of the People Power movement.

As of last year, Bosmic who has released some songs critical of NRM members from the region and president Museveni’s leadership had been heavily involved in People Power t activities, including holding rallies in Acholi sub region.

He was arrested by the police twice between June and August last year for allegedly holding illegal rallies in Gulu municipality.




  1. Its just a message iknow well bosmic cannot sell people power

  2. money is evil it can make you rot in hell

  3. Buterez Benardinho Butz

    Let people power be patient because in actual sense Otim bosmic will not sell off p’ple power

    • Maurice emmìñìzó

      So you guys stupidly think MZEE can just freely decide to give the money to BOSMIC with views of allowing him to go and continue criticizing his regime.nononono…….#people power just forget this Omuddawa.

  4. plz lets dont pin our nose into othwer people’s affaire we all know politic. I taught he was our savior i’v given up in politic i’ll mind my own bussiness i dont want to die for what i dont know.

  5. It is normal 4 anyone to meet the president.

  6. Bobi struggle for the Young generation just know that some people are after money eg bosmic

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