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PARLIAMENT: 24 ministers, 3 NRM bigwigs kicked out

Vice President Ssekandi kicked out.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Vice President Edward Ssekandi and senior cabinet colleagues Amelia Kyambadde, Elliod Tumwesigye, Prof Ephraim Kamuntu and Vincent Sempijja are among up to 36 NRM bigwigs that lost MP elections on Thursday.

Others kicked out by voters are: Dr Crispus Kiyonga, Ruth Nankabirwa, Saida Bumba, Chris Kibanzanga, Isaac Musumba

FULL LIST as at January 16, 2021

✳ C Muyingo
✳ C Kibanzanga
✳ I Musumba
✳ J Maganda
✳ V Sempijja
✳ B Kamya
✳ E Ssekandi
✳ F Nakiwala
✳ C Kiyonga
✳ B Anywar
✳ E Kizza
✳ R Kibuule
✳ S Bbumba
✳ M Rukutana
✳ E Tumwesigye

✳ A Kyambadde
✳ S Galabuzi
✳ R Sseninde
✳ A Akiror
✳ M Kamukama
✳ E Kamuntu
✳ J Nabakooba
✳ S Lokodo
✳ R Nankabirwa
✳ K Atwooki
✳ H Kasolo
✳ J Kabatsi

📌 Former MPs who bounced back
✳ Geoffrey Ekanya
✳ Jesica Alupo
✳ Jim Muhwezi
✳ Kahinda Otafiire
✳ Irene Muloni
✳ Rukia Nakadama
✳ Fox Odoi
✳ M. Muzaale
✳ Baka Mugabi
✳ L Bayiga

Hotly contested

Observers say this has been one of Uganda’s most contested elections, pitting the young against the old generation. The election period has also been the most violent, with dozens of fatal cases recorded since early November last year.

One such incident is the riot of Nov. 18-19 where 54 people lost their lives as security forces dispersed protestors.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic compounded the election process as different parties interpreted the implementation of the pandemic prevention measures depending on the political side they are on

The opposition argued that the police implement the measures selectively with the intention of foiling opposition campaigns.

Museveni won the elections with the slogan, ‘securing your future’. His agents based his campaigns on the progress the country has made both economically and socially over the years.

Museveni’s opponents however said his government is riddled with corrupt officials who have derailed the country’s development for selfish gain.

Some election observers have referred to the election process as largely peaceful, with no major violence incidents.

“I think this was generally peaceful elections. It registered a very high voter participation,” said Chrispin Kaheru, an independent election observer in an interview with Xinhua.

“But the shutdown of internet affected the citizens, election observers, political parties and media. It limited information follow and sharing. The elections shrive on information sharing,” he said.

Domitien Ndayizeye, former Burundian president and head of East African Community-Election Observer Mission told reporters here that the elections were free and fair.

“The elections were transparent. The tallying was transparent. There was no voter intimidation and election officials were very competent,” said Ndayizeye.




  1. Now that the elections are over you have nothing to complain about you should allow the internet back on and turn it off only during election time if that is what you feel this necessary but people have a right to communicate with people especially to their loved ones who are overseas wherever they may be this is the only way they have to communicate using the internet if you have any fairness in you you will lift the ban immediately

  2. Prof. Emmanuel Kalenzi Twesigye

    Next time, Chris Baryomunsi will be next unless he is works on those terrible roads of Kanungu area!

  3. He will not live to finish this term, he will beg for forgive against those he has murdered.

    Nature will catch up on him.

  4. they deserved

  5. All we need is our internet, and for NRM your days are numbered ,to all brothers and sisters who lost their lives freedom shall surely prevail. Tomorrow will be ours

  6. That’s how it should be

    • Agony of defeat, The problem of shuting the Internet was intended to stop misinformation and I realised
      that the fools( the so cold unemployed youth of 40 years and above ) brought us to their level as we were networking like them.


  8. Agony of defeat, The problem of shuting the Internet was intended to stop misinformation and I realised
    that the fools( the so cold unemployed youth of 40 years and above ) brought us to their level as we were networking like them.

  9. Turyahikayo Bruce

    God is watching as a final judge,I know he will act he won’t delay

  10. Lets not wish any one bad; coz the same bad yo wishing someone might really happen un2 you. So lets watch our tongues… Thanx

  11. Any way with or without these leaders, uganda is meant for ugandans and its for us all, now we should stop complaining until 2026 when electing new leaders

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