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Oulanyah: It is my turn to lead NRM in Northern Uganda

Deputy speaker Oulanya

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah is seeking President Yoweri Museveni’s affirmation to represent the Northern Region on the Central Executive Committee of the National Resistance Movement-NRM party.

Oulanyah alongside three other candidates; businessman Sam Engola, Timothy Jokkene and Dr Samuel Oledo are contesting for the same slot, which he says was meant to be rotational between West Nile, Lango and Acholi based on an unwritten understanding. Gen Moses Ali, from West Nile, has previously served in the position which was later taken up by Sam Engola from Lango.

Oulanyah who was vetted on Tuesday alongside others told the President that he stepped down from the race in 2015 on the advice of the president and he was now back to reclaim the seat.

Oulanyah also told the President and the party members that despite suffering insults for implementing the NRM’s party ideology, he has remained steadfast and is working to bridge the disconnect between CEC and the lower cadres of the party.

He says several NRM people in the grassroots have not been contacted and inspired and this is what he hopes to do.

Sam Engola, who has served in the position for two consecutive terms says he has done great mobilization for NRM in Northern Uganda and that the President is now assured of support across the region. He adds that he deserves another chance because even after losing the Lira Municipal seat, he never walked away from the party, an act which he says shows his level of commitment to the NRM.

All the candidates vying for the nine CEC Positions were Present at the NRM Headquarters in Kampala for the vetting, while President Museveni sat with his team and listened to the manifestos from State House Entebbe. Elections for the CEC positions will be held on 18 August.

CEC is the key organ of the NRM instrumental for directing policy, leadership and appointment of staff at the secretariat.



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