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Otunnu blames Museveni regime on DRC

By Aloysious Kasoma

Opposition Uganda People’s Congress president Olara Otunnu believe that president Museveni and his regime have a role in the rebellion between the rebels of M23 and government forces in DRC.

Otunnu said that the reports coming out from the United Nations are credible and should not be rejected because independent experts compile them.

Otunnu follows a precedence that indicated Uganda was responsible for acts of looting, plundering and exploitation of the DRC’s natural resources in 2009.

“When I visited Congo in 2009 I met Gen. Pierre Bemba and he told me that the child soldiers were facilitated and trained by the Museveni regime,” he said during the press conference in Kampala on Wednesday

He said that in 2009 International Court of Justice (ICJ) held Uganda ‘internationally responsible’ for committing atrocities in DRC

“When I was still working with the UN, I went to Congo in Kisangani in a place called Kampala market and the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) welcomed me,” he said

Otunnu advises that Uganda should instead offer co-operation with DRC instead of crimes. However, when he was asked about the ongoing peace talks in Kampala, Otunnu said that Museveni is like a snake and he can do anything that suits his wish.

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