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Operations of newly created sub counties, town councils hang in balance

Raphael Magezi, the Minister of Local Government

Kampala, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT  |  The operations of newly created sub-counties and town councils are hanging in balance after the Ministry of Finance failed to provide a budget allocation for the new administrative units.

The government recently approved the creation of 364 sub-counties, 352 town councils and 10 cities in different parts of the country. In Kwania district, three sub-counties that include Akali, Atongtidi, and Ayabi and two town councils of Inomo and Ayabi were created.

The newly created sub-counties in Apac district include Apoi that was curved from Akokoro Sub County, Teboke curved from Chegere Sub County, Ibuje Town Council curved from Ibuje Sub County and Akokoro Town Council from Akokoro Sub County. But Apac district CAO Micheal says all these administrative units do not have budgets even in the next financial year, which means they will not function. 

Newly elected leaders are now concerned about why the government has failed to operationalize thee administrative units, yet they went ahead of conducting elections. 

In Lira district, Alex Oremo, the LCV Chairperson says that the new sub-counties which include Itek, Awiodyek and Ayami in Lira, Adwir and Angetta in Alebtong district among others, is seen to have been created by the Ministry of Local Government without consulting Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development for proper budgeting.

Oremo said that the new sub-counties are operating without any approved work plan and budget, making it hard for the newly elected chairpersons to assume office.

Albina Awor, the Kwania District Chief Administrative Officer says that they are concerned about the fate of the newly created sub-counties and town councils.

“The problem does not affect the district councillors so much since they will perform their duties at the district council without requiring having an office and budget to operate we are concerned how these lower local government units will run,” she said in an interview.

Tonny Obala, the Atongtidi parish councillor asked the line Ministry to consider operationalizing the administrative units adding that failure to do so will prompt them to seek legal redress. 

Michael Arach, the Inomo Town Council newly elected says is hoping that government will source for the funding.

Recently, Finance Minister Matia Kasajia attributed the non-functionality to financial constraints.

But the Local Government Minister Raphael Magezi says that the government is considering providing funds for the operationalization of the administrative units in the next budget.

Magezi noted that the government has taken a decision not to create any new administrative units given the financial burdens. He adds that in future the creation of any administrative units in government must be accompanied by a certificate of financial implications to certify that the government has the money to fund their operations. 



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