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What Obama Said To Kenyans In Summary

1. To the Opposition – “I met the opposition very briefly. one of the leaders, I will not mention who, asked me to be tough on this government, but i said to him;when you were in government you kept saying that America should keep off Kenyan affairs, now that you are not in government, you want us to bash the government
2. Civil Society – “If you want to protest peacefully that is Okay, but if protests are violent, that is not acceptable,”

“Always remember there is a legitimate government here”

3. Media – “Kenya is a among the nations that respect and observe the freedom of the Press.

4. To the Kenyan People – You can achieve your dreams right here in Kenya.

On Corruption the war cannot be won by one person, we all have a part to Play, President Kenyatta has acted strongly to fight graft, but we must all participate. Ordinary people must say enough is enough.

5. To The President of the Republic of Kenya – under your leadership Kenya is rising.

In a democracy, there will always be a person complaining.

Hey, we want to see you running with The First Lady, we need to see you keeping fit. (On a light note) Who knows she might win a gold medal

6. To Kenyan Youth and Women – We will partner and stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

You must not shy away from approaching investors including USA businessmen and pitch your ideas. do not be disappointed when they say No be encouraged because they know the value of mistakes as much as they appreciate that of success.

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