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NRM celebrates, Museveni says doesn’t need orders from foreigners

Museveni arrives at Kololo. PHOTOS BY PPU
Museveni arrives at Kololo. PHOTOS BY PPU

The crowd was in celebratory mood from start to finish, dressed in yellow, some painted in the NRM party colours.

“We didn’t have money 30 years ago however we now have 16,000 billion for the next financial budget. I don’t need orders from foreigners on how to rule our country,” Museveni said as the crowd cheered.

He was responding to recent criticism of Uganda’s democratic process from the Western World’s capitals.

“They should mind their homelands because we can help ourselves. Every day is an anniversary victory to NRM,” Museveni told the crowd  as the National Resistance Movement party celebrated its recent Uganda elections victories at Kololo in Kampala.

Museveni thanked the public for attending the thanksgiving celebrations and for voting massively and peacefully during elections. He related their decision to come for the celebrations to a biblical story (Luke 17:12-17) about the one leper among the nine who came to give thanks for the healing.

He thanked the NRM leaders and members for “winning the battle”, that is the court petition against presidential elections that were ruled in his favour on March 31 as the duly elect president. Amama Mbabazi’s petition was thrown out due to lack of substantial evidence.

He said that in the past 30 years, they had fought liberation wars without weapons and won. “On 6th April 1981, we successful attacked and conquered Kagiri. On 11th April, we captured Kampala from Amin in 1979.”

Relating to the recent elections, he said on 18th February 1984, they advanced and attacked Masindi and took over it on 20th, which was the same day the President was declared to have won the elections in 2016.

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NRM wins battles, promises more…….

“In addition to peace, the south western region is going to be peaceful. No one is going to destruct the peace of this country. We shall serve every citizen even those who didn’t vote for us. For instance we give opposition districts their money as provided in the law as long as they utilise it for the good.”

Museveni said the NRM plans to implement infrastructural development fully in the education and health sector in all sub counties by having functional Health Centre IIIs and delivering quality services in secondary schools.

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