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NBS’ Kasumba arrested, held at Kiira Road Police Station

Kasumba on TV last night, in his last tweet before he was arrested. PHOTO @SamsonKasumba ·

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | NBS TV news anchor and show host Samson Kasumba has been arrested and is being detained at Kiira Road Police Station.

It is not yet clear the reason the witty news anchor was arrested. He was detained at Kiira Road Police Station and later driven to his home for a search.

“Kasumba was arrested on his way home shortly after the NBSLiveAt9 bulletin. We are doing our best to engage all relevant stakeholders as the cause of his arrest is unknown. We shall keep you posted,” NBS said in a statement on twitter.

Fellow NBS journalist Sheila Nduhukire added that, “I’ve been with Samson at Kiira road Police Station, when he was arrested, he was told he was being arrested for SEDITION. A charge that was scrapped off the law books in 2010!”

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga later said that Kasumba was arrested for engaging in subversive activities, charges which he says are not related to his work as a journalist.  He, however, declined to divulge details on the particulars of the offence.

Enanga says Kasumba has been interrogated and is cooperating well with detectives from the election and political offences desk, who this morning carried out a search at his home.



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  1. there’s no way how these journalists they can be put conciliation because most of them they misbehave and they’ve big headed why?its because some of them they cannot deal with the ruling party that’s why they use force to should the politicians they’re working for that they’re strong. that’s why they refuse them not to take photos but for them they minds less about government officials rules. they need to be put in committee to council.or they need to be punished like Jamal Khashoghi.are they over law or not? in Uganda we’ve liberty and freedom of speech.that’s why president puts rules and regulations but who follows are few. like now he said no gathering of when supplying food but some politicians dodges.take example of people who are still gathering for drinking alcohol indoors are they following directives that were given out by the president? corruption,most security personnel are still eating bribes.take example of people entering Uganda by feet how do they enter?if this regime is not changed,corruption will not go out from Uganda except when the new government comes with tough rules. take example of Rwanda, everyone hears what president has said.

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