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Nancy Kalembe’s pledge of job creation excites Kwania youths

Nancy Kalembe on her campaign trail.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Hundreds of youths in Kwania district have welcomed the pledge by presidential candidate Nancy Linda Kalembe to create jobs.

During her campaign trail in Lango region, Kalembe made several pledges that include fighting corruption, stopping land grabbing, improving teacher’s welfare, better health for youths and women among others.

On Thursday while speaking to her supporters at Aduku Mayor’s garden in Aduku town council, Kwania district, Kalembe emphasized the need to create equitable jobs for the youth.

Kalembe said once elected, her government will set up talent development centers in every district in the country so that the youths can turn their talents into jobs to reduce poverty and unemployment rates in the country. She noted that due to unemployment, many young people have turned into beggars.

Under her Mission 56 movement, Kalembe says Ugandans need to stop co-existing as a fragmented community but come together as the original 56 tribes that united at independence for prosperity, unity and peace.

She observed that for many years, Northern and Eastern Uganda have been neglected by the NRM government which has affected service delivery. She pledged equitable jobs for the youths, elderly and committed herself to rehabilitate roads and improve on the status of the hospitals.

Oscar Akejo, a resident of Aduku township cell and a footballer says Kalemba’s proposal to create a sports development center will not only create jobs to the youth but also reduce on criminal cases in the community. Akejo observed that their leaders have failed to promote sporting activities and offer them vibrant projects, a reason why young people are redundant.

Another youth, Bongoni Okwir Ojok is excited about the move to introduce the sports development center in every district which he said will help identify and develop a huge potential of good young players. Okwir asked the young people to rally behind all forces of change so that Uganda is a better country to live in.

On Wednesday, Kalembe campaigned in Lira city where she promised to put women affairs as the priority to restore their dignity, something she says was destroyed by the current government.



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