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Nadduli asks Minister Kaboyo to address unfulfil pledges in Luwero

Minister Alice Kaboyo speaking to muslims at Kasana mosque during eid ul fitr prayers. PHOTO URN

Luwero, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Alhaji Abdul Nadduli the Senior Presidential Advisor has asked the State Minister for Luwero Triangle to fulfil the pledges of Luwero district if the National Resistance Movement government is to regain its lost support.

As Muslims worldwide celebrated Eid Ul Fitr to mark the end of the Ramadhan period,

in Luwero town, hundreds attended Eid Ul Fitr prayers at Kasana mosque.

Speaking to Muslims, Sheikh Ramadhan Mulindwa asked Muslims to remain peaceful and use the upcoming general elections to contest in elective positions to extend services.

Mulindwa also asked the Muslims to embrace the government’s programme that seeks to uplift them from poverty.

While addressing the Muslims, Alhaji Abdul Nadduli the Senior Presidential Advisor said although Luwero is the epicenter of the National Resistance Army war of 1981-1986 that ushered current government in power, there are overwhelming complaints of unfulfilled pledges and poor service from the residents.

Nadduli added that President Yoweri Museveni has posted many officials in the area but these have not helped much and the area is lagging in development.  He added that at almost every function he attends; residents overwhelm him with complaints over unfulfilled pledges and poor services.

Nadduli asked the state Minister of Luwero Triangle Alice Kaboyo to use the Ministry to address the complaints if the government is to regain its support.

Nadduli proposed that among other issues, the government needs to fulfill its pledges to establish agro-industries to process juice and other products.

Denis Sekabira the Katikamu North Member of Parliament said that residents of Luwero are cursing the NRM government for mocking the area by branding it as ‘’ Mecca of the government’’ yet they have not benefitted much from it.

Sekabira asked Minister Kaboyo to take Nadduli’s advice seriously and address people’s concerns among other compensation of veterans if it regains lost support.

Minister Alice Kaboyo while speaking to Muslims said that although the government wants to fulfill pledges and extend more services, it’s constrained by a lack of adequate fund.

Kaboyo instead advised the Muslims to embrace the Parish Development Model programme and Islamic banking to fight poverty.

In 2021, President Yoweri Museveni registered the biggest drop in popularity in Luwero district since he come to Power in 1986. Museveni obtained only 41,166 votes (27.94%) and his arch rival NUP Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu scored 103,782 votes (70.45%).

The National Resistance Movement party also lost all the Member of Parliament slots and LC5 Chairman seat to National Unity Platform candidates.




  1. The Hon Member of Katikamu North
    The problems of your area should be analysed by a bigger group of people as opposed to what we see in this report

    The area was not doing badly as at 31st day of December 1980

    There is a grey area as to how the occupants were affected by activities of sitting government and the liberators between 1st Jan 1981 and 1986

    The promises so far seem to cover individuals remembered by the winning side

    It is not clear which arm of government is responsible for fulfilling these promises

    There are no standard measurements being applied to human beings in the area to serve as a point of reference;
    What is at stake
    What is needed
    How to implement

    There cannot be a geographical region in the country where matters relatingj yo the population are determined by feelings of individuals

    On behalf of ordinary citizens who saw the problem appearing, felt it’s effect and continue to suffer from its complications
    We request for a seriously planned activity by the Government of Uganda, using experts in the fields concerned to study these problems

    We wish to be treated like the rest of Uganda

    This is timely because other regions affected by wars in Uganda ( including 1978/79) are being discussed

    To date , we feel marginalized, so near to the capital, we visit distants parts of the country and indeed ( based on knowledge acquired) the difference is statistically significant

    contact number+256759364438/+256771620401
    Am so interested and capable to work with you

    • This will not be a personal issue
      We persue it because the victims lived with us some touched our lives in several ways

      We have looked on in dis belief, knowing the past seeing the present and predicting uncertainities

      We also feel that we are lucky to have lived long enough to continue reminding humanity that not all is well

      Those peasants are not necessarily disoriented in time , space and person
      They are a symptom of so many experiences

      The problem is
      Why does the status quo look so attractive?

      Just the other day they were recognised for defilement
      Yet pistecposure prophylaxis (PEP) may not be accessed within the prescribed petood

      …at the hour of need, they proved wanting,….silence

  3. This problem should start off with a comprehensive literature review of this region spanning 1966

    It should cover the population dynamics
    We have record of the results of the 1980 mile stone

    It should come out with a clear headed assess ment of the period following that mile stone

    It should assess the efforts of the Government to address matters arising

    These efforts should be compared to what has happened to the rest of the country

    There are well established tested methods for assessing varied parameters relating to this problem

    Individuals with conflict of interest ( would have to declare it so as not to hijack or skew awell intentioned activity)

    This is not a partisan issue it is an issue of the conscience

    The call is to right thinking individuals with credentials to persue this call

    It is a call for fair treatment to the ordinary male and female (in living or dead form) who lived in that area as at 31 December 1980

    The brain matter of a schoolmate, (only crime returning to check on his house,) remained on the tarmac for a long time

    How does this Oral history of compensations address this pain

    How do you bring institutions to account when there is no documentary evidence?

    How do you tag services to endearment?

    Psalm 10:17-18

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