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Nabbanja apologizes over delayed upgrade of Nakaseke roads

PM Robinah Nabbanja.

Nakaseke, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has apologized to residents and leadership of Nakaseke district over the delayed upgrade of Luwero-Butalangu road, Butalangu-Kapeeka-Kituuma, and Kapeeka-Kisuule roads among others.

She was responding to complaints raised by residents and Nakaseke district officials led by the LCV chairperson, Ignatius Koomu Kiwanuka in a meeting held in Kiwoko town council on Tuesday. Koomu noted that despite the repeated government pledges to upgrade the roads, to date nothing has been done.

In 2018, the OPEC Fund for International Development extended a loan of US$11.5 million as co-financing for the upgrading of Luwero-Butalangu road estimated to be 29.6 kilometers. The road connects residents of Nakaseke district to Luweero and Kampala-Gulu highway. The government also promised to upgrade Butalangu-Ngoma, Butalangu-Kapeeka-Kituuma, and Kapeeka-Kisuule roads among others.

However to date, nothing has been done. Koomu says that the government’s failure to upgrade the roads has made residents lose hope and pushed them to vote for opposition Members of Parliament. Allan Mayanja Ssebunya, the Nakaseke Central Member of Parliament says that the government compensated residents along the Luwero-Butalangu road in 2019, which excited residents that the road works would commence soon in vain.

Mayanja says that the poor road network has affected the movement of people, goods and services from the district.

Allen Kagina, the Executive Director of Uganda National Roads Authority admits the delayed upgrade of the roads citing design reviews and inadequate funding from the government. She however revealed plans to embark on the upgrade of Luwero-Butalangu road by November this year.

Justine Lumumba Kasule, the General Duties Minister said that Nabbanja decided to meet the leaders together with UNRA officials to give them assurance that this time around, the roads will be upgraded to stop the public outcry and promote service delivery. Nakaseke district manages over 1,227 kilometers of roads while UNRA manages 338.5 kilometers. However, only 12.5kilometers of the 338.5 kilometers are paved.




  1. There is spill over from such poor road network
    Oh Nakaseke, the area close to the Wobulenzi-Gulu Road bore the load of your engagement sometime back!

    Right now to dodge some bad roads the feeder road from Lukomera through Nakaseeta is used by very good looking , loaded vehicles: the residents put up with lots of dust and other related issues

    You may need to use it in future after enjoying the great offer

  2. Nyenje Mukiibi

    The LCV chair person, Nakaseke
    Your story remains incomplete; Kisule is not just a junction off the tarmac for Uganda Transport Company.Bus.

    There is a story to tell, it covers your neighbours, the tarmac Road

    When one roasts meat, neighbours register the event, how come your neighbours missed that part? is it possible they suffered from covid-19?

    Please bear with the melancholy, kindly acknowledge the bystander ripples

  3. The Ripple effect

    Chairperson, the minister from the area was seen on tv where he declared his plan to facilitate those who associated with the “cause”

    In the same community were those who were present and going about their daily activities, that group I call set “cause prime” or “w”

    There are questions to address the Ripple effect of “cause”

    1. What happened to individuals villages,parishes and or entire subcounties in set “w”?

    2. What efforts have been made to meet needs of set “w”

    3. The effects on set “w” were varied
    Were they documented?

    4. How is the law of the land applicable to the sub groups based on outcome in set “w”?

    It is a pity that the pain of fellow man is pushed under “dry banana leaves” as we listen to value of other human beings within the same country

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