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Museveni using COVID-19 to bar opponents from accessing public – Muntu

Mugisha Muntu during his campaign trail.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Gen. Mugisha Muntu, ANT presidential candidate has faulted President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for using COVID-19 as a weapon to bar other presidential candidates from getting to be known by the people.

Muntu says that if people do not get to know the 10 presidential candidates before the general elections, it will be to the advantage of the incumbent President Museveni.

Addressing residents in Pader district on Saturday, Mugisha Muntu said that the incumbent president Museveni is taking advantage of the public resources he has access to, like tax payers money to address citizens of Uganda on television and radio any time he wishes so that people can be stuck with him.

According to Muntu, if presidential candidates are to follow the Electoral Commission guidelines to meet only 200 people per district, millions of voters will not vote basing on their interests.

Muntu says that the time is now to retire President Museveni peacefully by voting him out of the presidential seat.

The Alliance for National Transformation candidate cites four reasons to retire president Museveni, the first one being that after 58 years, Uganda needs a peaceful handover of power like their neighboring countries, Kenya and Tanzania.

“Another reason why you should retire Mr. Museveni is because corruption stinks to high heaven in Uganda and there is no justice in the judicial system for the poor, and the country lacks equal opportunity for its citizens, this is the time to change this,” added Mugisha Muntu.

The former long-serving commander of the national army says the fourth reason to retire president Museveni is because discipline in the security forces like police, Uganda People’s Defense Forces and intelligence services has deteriorated since security forces are operating on wrong orders that abuses their office.

Muntu notes that politics is so important for the people just as elections and it should concern every citizen because whoever gets through gets to manage the welfare of the citizens in the country.



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