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Uganda mulls over drinking, gambling hours

Museveni inspects a guard of honor in Kumi. PHOTO PPU

Uganda is considering regulating drinking hours to check increasing alcohol abuse, which President Yoweri Museveni says, affects productivity at work.

Museveni stated on Monday that one of the big challenges the country must address in order to improve productivity of labour, is the problem of alcoholism and gambling.

“I note that the uncontrolled consumption of alcohol and gambling has negative effects on attitude to work and productivity,” Museveni said at national Labour Day celebrations in Pallisa, eastern Uganda.

“We are considering the regulation of drinking and gambling hours.  Drinking and gambling at any hour of the day is excessive liberalism,” he added. FULL SPEECH BOTTOM

“We are going to make laws regulation drinking and gambling hours,” he repeated, as he made a quick poll from the crowd to see if they supported him. They at first looked reluctant, which he joked about, but enough hands were raised to show he would get the support from the people.

All international statistics show Uganda is in the top 10 alcohol consuming countries in Africa. Some stats put Uganda at the very top.

Lazy civil servants on whatsApp

Museveni challenged ministry permanent secretaries to ensure workers earn their pay .

“There is also laziness among public officers which greatly undermines service delivery.  Some public officers report late for duty and when they report they spend most of the office time chatting on social media platforms like Facebook and whatsApp.”

Tough stance on corruption

Museveni reiterated his strong stand on corruption.

“I want to repeat for all to hear that any politician or civil servant who involves himself or herself in corruption will have endangered himself or herself.  We shall not only wait to catch you red-handed as has fortunately happened recently,” he said.

“Even by auditing your actions, we can know that you are corrupt.  Why should you delay authorization of an investment when you know very well that millions of our children need jobs?  Do we need any other evidence if the investor has the money and you delay him?  Delaying a credible investor is, corruption.  We shall not need any other evidence.”

Criminals should surrender

President Museven said athe recent wave of crime in Kampala and in some villages around Masaka should not scare Ugandans.

“The NRM defeated bigger enemies such as Kony, ADF in the Rwenzori region, the rebels in Teso and the Karimojong cattle rustlers from whom we took 40,000 rifles. Anybody to imagine that urban based criminals using the easy means of movement and communication created by the NRM (boda-bodas, matatus, mobile phones, etc) and hiding in the large number of people in the towns, will disturb our peace sustainably, is to fool oneself.”

The President said that using improved technical means (e.g. cameras in towns) and the mobilization of our massive reserves, Uganda shall destroy anybody involved either directly or indirectly.

“I have already ordered the security forces how, if necessary, this can be done cost-effectively.  Therefore, the only safe exit for those who have already stained their hands with the blood of Ugandans or committed the despicable crime of rape, is to surrender and answer for your crimes in the courts of law.”

He appealed to the courts to stop giving bails to these criminals.  “That giving of bail is part of the problem,” he said.

“Any further self-deception on your part that you can escape justice will end in your losing your life.  That was the mistake of the law breakers in Kasese and Bundibugyo recently, the Karimojong cattle rustlers and the Kony and ADF terrorists in the past.”

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Speech by He Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Labour Day 2017 by The Independent Magazine on Scribd


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