Monday , February 26 2018
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Museveni orders fresh vote after NRM EALA polls chaos

NRM caucus members vote at State House. PHOTO @FrankTumwebazek

The elections to pick the National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidates to contest for places in the East African parliament has ended in chaos Tuesday, with caucus members questioning the results before they were released.

Party Secretary General Justine Lumumba told the press that the voting procedure confused some Members of Parliament, resulting in invalid voted surpassing valid votes. “Some members were voting seven people instead of six candidates. That is where the problem came from,” said Lumumba.

Chairman of the party President Yoweri Museveni immediately called for fresh elections Wednesday at 2pm. The NRM Central Executive Committee had on Saturday vetted over 40 NRM aspirants and found all of them eligible to contest for six positions allocated to the party in the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).








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