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Museveni looks forward to working with Trump


President Museveni Congratulates President – Elect Trump

President Yoweri Museveni has congratulated US President-Elect Donald Trump after his victory in the US Presidential elections.

“I congratulate Mr. Trump on his election as the President of the United States of America. Elections in the US or any country are a matter for the people of that country,” Museveni said in Addis Ababa.

“Our relationship with the United States will continue regardless of which leader or party is leading. I congratulate Mr. Trump once again and look forward to working with him as we have been working with the other leaders before him,”  Museveni said.


The president was speaking to his media team at the Sheraton Hotel in Addis Ababa shortly after attending the AU extra ordinary summit on African Capacity for Immediate Response To Crises volunteering nations (ACIRC) summit at the African Union.

A day earlier, Museveni joined other other presidents  attending the AU High-Level Committee meeting on the Libya crisis.

The high level committee comprises eight AU member states which include Uganda, Sudan, South Africa, Egypt, Mauritania, Tunisia Chad and Republic of Congo. It is being held under the chairmanship of the President of Chad  Idriss Deby the current Chairman of AU.

The President returns home today after attending a two-day working visit.

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 09: Republican president-elect Donald Trump delivers his acceptance speech during his election night event at the New York Hilton Midtown in the early morning hours of November 9, 2016 in New York City. Donald Trump defeated Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to become the 45th president of the United States. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images/AFP
NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 09: Republican president-elect Donald Trump delivers his acceptance speech

Trump at 290 electoral votes, Clinton at 218

Republican Donald Trump won with at least 290 electoral votes, securing more than the 270 he needed to succeed Barack Obama.

His Democratic rival Hillary Clinton had 218 electoral votes, a crushing defeat for the former secretary of state.

The following is a list of the states won by each candidate and the corresponding number of electoral votes, based on projections made by US television networks.

The only states yet to be called are Michigan, Minnesota and New Hampshire.

TRUMP (290)

Alabama (9)

Alaska (3)

Arizona (11)

Arkansas (6)

Florida (29)

Georgia (16)

Idaho (4)

Indiana (11)

Iowa (6)

Kansas (6)

Kentucky (8)

Louisiana (8)

Maine (1 – state splits its votes)

Mississippi (6)

Missouri (10)

Montana (3)

Nebraska (5)

North Carolina (15)

North Dakota (3)

Ohio (18)

Oklahoma (7)

Pennsylvania (20)

South Carolina (9)

South Dakota (3)

Tennessee (11)

Texas (38)

Utah (6)

West Virginia (5)

Wisconsin (10)

Wyoming (3)


California (55)

Colorado (9)

Connecticut (7)

Delaware (3)

Hawaii (4)

Illinois (20)

Maine (3 out of 4)

Maryland (10)

Massachusetts (11)

New Jersey (14)

New Mexico (5)

Nevada (6)

New York (29)

Oregon (7)

Rhode Island (4)

Vermont (3)

Virginia (13)

Washington state (12)

Washington, DC (3)



  1. I have worked with five of your predecessors, I look forward to working with you Mr Trump and to working with many more of your successors. Yeah Yeah…..

  2. Trump is a different cattle of fish compared to his predecessors.

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