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Museveni to compensate widow whose husband killed the LRA’s Brig Tabuley

 By Julius Odeke

President Yoweri Museveni has pledged to compensate the widow Florence Asao whose husband killed the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) commander Brig Charles Tabuley during the rebel invasion in Teso Sub region in 2003.

The president made this promise while on his tour to Anyara Sub County in Kabermaido district over the weekend where he had gone to commission a Fish project in Ojama village.

The widow through an interpreter said, “Since my husband died in that fight where he killed Brig Tabuley life has been very difficult for me and my five children and that I should be helped by government in various ways.”

This prompted President Museveni to ask her what she had in her mind so that he can quickly implement it.  “I need a permanent house, education for my children and you should buy for me two oxen and ox-plough for agriculture since for us we mostly depend on farming,”
the widow narrated.

Brig Tabuley was killed by Arrow Group militiaman, Charles Opio-Ocwa at the time when LRA was advancing the rebel activity in Teso district in October 2003 hence forcing the fugitive rebels to withdraw back to Acholiland.

Currently, LRA is operating in Central African Republic, Chad, and some parts of DR Congo as UPDF defeated them in Uganda, however, Uganda’s army are still pursuing them with the aid of American commandos.

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