Thursday , February 22 2018
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Museveni commissions ultra modern air-defence system


President Yoweri Museveni has commissioned ultra modern air- defence systems for Uganda. Over 60 graduate troops were also commissioned to man them at a ceremony in Masindi at the weekend.

At the ceremony, Museveni commended the army leadership for building independent capabilities on land, water and air. He hailed the army leadership for recruiting young graduates with enough knowledge to protect Uganda’s sovereignty.

Majority of the newly commissioned air-defence troops are young science graduates.

“Thank you (UPDF) for putting your brains together on this. I congratulate the newly commissioned officers and urge you to learn more. Don’t squander your lives and take good care of the equipment,” Museveni said.

The president, who is also the commander in Chief of Uganda’s armed forces urged the army leadership to empower the young troops with more training in order for them to exploit new technology, repair, and maintain security equipment and installations.

“The NRM was very clear from the beginning. We knew that we had to use scarce resources to build our capabilities. Our ideology is to be self sufficient at all times,” Museveni said.







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