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Mukula asks Ugandans to elect experienced leaders

NRM vice-chairperson for Eastern Uganda, Capt. Mike Mukula. Courtesy photo

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The National Resistance Movement-NRM vice-chairperson in charge of Eastern Uganda, Mike Mukula has challenged electorates to vote experienced leaders who have better plans for the development of their country.

Speaking to NRM leaders who were attending President Yoweri Museveni’s second campaign at the rugby grounds in Jinja city on Friday, Mukula argues that Uganda suffered a political crisis in the post-independence times due to inexperienced leaders who acted on emotions rather than reason.

Mukula stresses that Uganda’s post-independence was young and lacked the respite knowledge on how to run the political affairs of a young economy which resulted in endless turmoil which threatened the country’s economic stability.

Mukula concedes that it is politically healthy to have young leaders, however, most of them lack the required charisma to agitate for the country’s political stability and the social development of all citizens.

Citing the infamous 1966 Kabaka raid, Mukula says that if Milton Obote who was the country’s prime minister by then had political experience, he would clearly understand that the attack on a cultural institution was unheard of and would result into political instability.

Mukula further says that the electorates should vote Museveni who is experienced enough to preside over the country’s political affairs.

Meanwhile, Museveni states that his government has fostered peace over chaos and will strive to guard members of the public against rioters to agitate for continuous stability within the country.



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