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MTN named “most valuable telecom” brand in Africa

Revellers at an MTN Uganda outlet

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | MTN has once again been named among the top 300 valuable telecom brands in the world, according to the research conducted by Brand Finance.

The South African based firm was ranked 45th. With 25 subsidiaries most of which are in Africa, the company moved two places from 47th 2017 to 45th in 2018.  The company’s value was placed at $3.3bn, a rise of 9% in 2018.

MTN’s largest competitor on the continent, Airtel is not ranked based on its Africa operations but rather the larger company, Airtel, which is headquartered in India.  Africell is also mentioned in the report, ranking at 228th on the continent.

According to the report, other African based telecoms that have been ranked include among others; Safaricom, Kenya (99th), Maroc Telecom, Morocco (111th), and Glo Mobile, Nigeria.


  1. Dear Readers,

    MTN is a very valuable brand. I love seeing everywhere you go and above all it has done it all in MTN mobile money. This clearly answered financial access- convinient100%. The banks are giving a run for their money. In fact the dominance for banks ended years a go. This has proved that financial inclusion is now possible of which banks had failed to full fill.

    What we hope to see next MTN and i know you can do is to start doing business with the poor. You have been “milking them” but now you can think of doing business with them. Invest in them and do business with them. They have the potential. Its not only about numbers but also about empowering the poor and mostly those in semi urban and rural areas.

  2. MTN’s growth has been obtained through paying bribes, evading tax, contravening laws, ignoring customers, stealing data, and treating citizens with disdain. It is a classic example of rampant capitalism that has only one motive: profit at all costs, no matter how much human misery is caused along with the way. Anyone who supports MTN should have a look at what the company does – it has been named as Africa’s most problematic company with regard to good governance. I boycott MTN, and as soon as anyone does a little bit of research into how this company operates, would do the same.

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