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MTN hands over $27,000 to innovation awards winners

Kampala, Uganda | JULIUS BUSINGE | MTN Uganda’s Chief Marketing Officer, Olivier Prentout has today handed over US$27,000 (Shs 97 million) in cash to the nine winners of the recently MTN Innovation Awards 2017 held in Kampala.

Each of the nine winners were handed $3000 (Shs10.8 million), the company said in a notice dated Nov. 23.

“These innovations are the future of the Ugandan economy. The developers spend a lot of their time trying to find solutions that will leave the Ugandan education system, health sector, entertainment, financial services and e-commerce in a much better way than it is right now,” Prentout said.

The 2017 awards attracted more than 200 entries, a record number since the awards started in 2015. Through an audit process, a shortlist of 45 nominees was made and they showcased their innovations to the public. It is from the 45 nominees that the nine winners were picked.

The awards are in line with MTN’s mission to make the lives of Ugandans brighter.

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  1. It is such a pity that the MTN cellphone company is so corrupt and unethical. They pay bribes in order to get ahead of their rivals, and their business ethics are being challenged in almost every country that they operate in. They steal their customers data, load their prices, and charge more than any other service provider in the world. No wonder they are able to sponsor so many things… all stolen money. I got rid of my MTN contract as soon as I could… I do not like supporting corrupt and unethical companies.

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