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MPs question salary disparities in UPDF

Minister of Defence, Vincent Ssempija

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Members of Parliament who sit on the Defence Committee are concerned with the unfairness in salary enhancements of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) which have seen lower-ranking officers earn less from the enhancements.

These argue that the lower-ranking officers are the ones doing the actual day-to-day security work of the Forces, in contrast with the High Ranking Generals who are “doing nothing”.

This comes as the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs seeks Shs.2.01 trillion to implement full salary enhancement of UPDF personnel.

Currently, the budget allocation of UPDF stands at Shs417.6b and Shs517b is required in the next financial year.

However, for the force to implement the UPDF enhanced salary structure approved by the ministry of public service in 2017, Shs.2.01 trillion is required.

In the enhanced structure, the CDF’s salary is to rise from Shs2m to 20m, Generals from Shs2m to 18.8m, Lt Gen from Shs1.87m to 17.7m, Maj. Gen Shs1.69 to 15.8m and Brig. Gen from Shs1.5m to 13.9m.

The increment is to spell down to the lowest rank of Local Defence Personnel which is to rise from Shs183,400 to shs.850, 000 and Privates from Shs.385,279 to Shs 1.29m.

The Minister of Defence, Vincent Ssempija said the increments are long overdue.


  1. Let us pray for our country Uganda

  2. Stop curruption in our country

  3. We shall be happy if it’s truelly and what about the monthly payment for all UPDF retired soldiers from 1992 to up today?2023

  4. LETS PRAY FOR UGANDAN and we stop curruption

  5. We shall be patient until the government will remember us, even if i will be there or not.
    Army are always patriotic.

  6. Please increase our peace keeper solidiers becouse they do agreat

  7. The good thing is that soldiers donot throw guns down like the way other proffessionals do against their jobs…

  8. Let’s endure..africans never forgive..die last

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