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Measles-rubella vaccination: Parents to sue health ministry

Health Minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng poses for a photo with learners from Greenhill Academy during the immunization campaign

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT  | Parents of two children from Greenhill Academy are suing the Ministry of Health for illegally vaccinating their children during the on-going mass vaccination campaign that is immunizing children against Polio, Measles and Rubella-MMR.

According to a notice to sue that was delivered to both Green Hill Academy and the Ministry of Health by the two parents of pupils identified as Allan Mulindwa and Annet Damba through their lawyers Mulindwa Associates & CO Advocates, the Health ministry is accused of forcefully immunizing the two children without getting consent from their parents.

The two children are identified as Kelly Mirembe Mulindwa and Amber Ruth Mulindwa.

The immunization exercise took place at the school on October 17, 2019. The delegation that carried out the immunization exercise was led by the Minister of Health, Dr. Ruth Aceng who was present as her daughter was also being immunised.

The parents are going to seek legal redress for their children being immunised without consent from their parents.

The letter goes ahead to state the people who carried out the immunization exercise ignored pleas from the two children who informed them that their parents refused them to get immunised because they were already immunised.

The health ministry is also accused of not properly informing the public about the immunisation exercise and side effects that might be associated to the MMR vaccine. According to the letter, parents were not informed about some of the side effects associated with the vaccine especially among children who are HIV positive.

Parents of the two children want the Ministry to avail the samples of the vaccine used at Greenhill Academy for independent testing. The Health ministry and Greenhill Academy have been given seven days to respond.

The mass vaccination exercise is scheduled to end on October 20th. More than seven million children aged 15 years and below are expected to be vaccinated.




  1. Vaccinations are not safe, and do not protect in the way we are told. Vaccines DO cause autism, autoimmune disease, cancer, deafness, many other incurable diseases, and death. SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Shaken Baby Syndrome can be caused by vaccinations. Vaccines cause chronic permanent disease and death. Vaccines do cause autism. “Authorities” and “experts” knowingly lie saying vaccines are safe and effectie! Vaccines cause autism in boys more than girls, and in blacks more than whites. Vaccines are for depopulation. This is a must watch video (both Part 1 & Part 2) to inform parents of the dangers of vaccinations. It is criminal that the school vaccinated the children against the parent’s wishes. The school officials and vaccinators deserve to go to jail. My sympathies to the parents and children.
    Part 1. “One Conversation” Live From Atlanta.

  2. So much for informed consent- disgusting

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