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Mbale city mayor Namugali to focus on increasing local revenue

Incoming Mayor Cassim Naugali in Suit shakes hands with the outgoing Mayor Mutwalib Zandya on Wednesday during the Swearing in Ceremony

Mbale, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  The new Mayor for Mbale City has said that he will focus on increasing local revenue generated within the city.   

Cassim Namugali, who swore in on Wednesday said that one of the challenges that his team is inheriting is the dwindling local revenues which put service delivery at stake. 

According to Namugali, as he comes in as City Mayor, his major aim will be to increase the revenues which he is optimistic can only be realized through the implementation of the Electronic Revenue Management System (ERMS).

Mbale City collected close to 800 million Shillings by March 2021, far below the estimated collection of 3 billion Shillings for the Financial year 2020/2021, and according to Namugali, the money is spent at source.   

The Mayor says that the low revenues are caused by the corrupt officials who ask money from the tax payers and fail to remit it to the council accounts. He however said through the ERMS, this will be minimized and the people will be able to receive the services they require after paying their taxes. He cited services like managing the garbage which has become the city’s biggest problem.   

He says the system is simple and saves time but very effective since it does not involve anyone to physically confront the tax payer adding that automation of income inflow will ease the process of revenue collections. 

The former Mbale City Mayor Mutwalib Zandya who handed over office on Wednesday said he has left a happy man because he has done his work as the Mayor for ten years including obtaining a city. He urged the citizens to give the incoming leaders time and support to develop the city.   

Pamela Watuwa, the Mbale Resident City Commissioner told the new leaders to protect the interests of the people of Mbale and also focus on development.   



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