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Masaka divisions struggling with garbage management as revenue sources shrink


Masaka, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Masaka division authorities are struggling with proper waste management due to dwindling local revenue collection. There are three divisions in Masaka municipality including Katwe-Butego, Nyendo-Ssenyange and Kimanya-Kyabakuza.

The three divisions are chocking with heaps of uncollected garbage. Information from residents shows that garbage has been piling since March and has started clogging some drainage channels. Some of the garbage is deposited in nearby swamps by rain water.

Jumah Kasozi, a food vender in Nyendo division market blames the authorities of taking long without sending trucks to collect the garbage leaving the place with unbearable stench. He says they are currently struggling to attract even the few available clients to their stalls because of the heavy stench.

Michael Mulindwa, the Nyendo-Ssenyange Division LC III chairperson says that they are currently constrained to ensure regular collection of garbage in the area, due to shortage of resources required to offer the services.

He explains that besides lack of reliable garbage trucks, the local government has also been hit hard by the lockdown which has affected local revenue collections. Mulindwa explains on average the division requires at least Shillings 50 million for garbage management monthly which they can’t raise at the moment.

According to Mulindwa, they are currently encouraging residents to adopt proper waste disposal practices to avoid littering on the roads and trenches.

Denis Lukanga Majwala, the Katwe-Butego central division chairperson, says they are faced with financial challenges. He says the challenge of waste management has now shifted from shopping arcades and streets to residential area where people are spending much of their time.

Majwala says that they are optimistic that the situation will normalize when the lockdown is lifted. He asked residents to ensure hygiene in their homes and neighboring environment.



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