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Mao blames corruption on Museveni

By Aloysious Kasoma

Democratic Party President Norbert Mao has blamed the corruption allegations in the prime minister’s office as Museveni’s problem.

Mao said that the source of corruption is Museveni and his NRM party where his removal could play a significant role in the fight against corruption.

“His removal is a significant part in fighting corruption, it doesn’t make sense to tell Mbabazi and Bigirimana to step aside, the source of stench of flies is Museveni and the NRM” he said while addressing the Journalists at DP headquarters in Kampala.

He said that although the donors have an important role in fighting corruption, the biggest part is the responsibility of the public and the position of DP is that Museveni is part of the problem.

He says that donors have failed to see that the government is not democratic and cannot fight corruption.

Mao appreciated UPDF mission in Somalia and explained that the US president has not respected him because he is in the era of “Old Men” like Arap Moi, Robert Mugabe among others.

“UPDF has done a great job in Somalia, the problem is Obama does not respect him, he would have invited him to the White House. We want to tell the US that other parties can fight terrorism” he said.

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