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Makerere University resumes this month


πŸ”΄ Makerere resumption of studies
➑ Medical and Veterinary Students – August 16, 2021
➑ Final Year – Online Studies – August 30, 2021
➑ Completion of Exams – September 6th–24th
➑ All Students – Online Studies – September 27th

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Vice Chancellor Prof Barnabas Nawangwe has announced the resumption of studies at Makerere University, that will mainly be online.

Medical students return to campus on August 16th, while the rest of the students will continue studies online.

Final year students resume studies August 30 while all others who complete exams, will resume studies on September 27th.

“The intention is we should complete the academic year within this calendar year,” Prof Nawangwe said, “so that next year we can move on to the next academic year.”

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  1. Hello, may I know whether they have released the admission list for diploma entry under government sponsorship for a academic year 2021/2022

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