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Makerere University prepares for 6th geopolitics conference

The co-sponsors of the Geopolitics of Kampala Conference 2023 have signed an MOU for the organisation of the conference.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Scholars, international researchers and experts will converge to analyse the current geopolitical questions and trends when Makerere University hosts the sixth edition of the Kampala Geopolitics Conference. This two-day high-level academic public event is scheduled for October 17th and 18th, 2023.

As a prelude to the conference, on September 11th, 2023, the French embassy, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), Makerere University (Mak), UN Women, Alliance Française Kampala, and the Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques (IRIS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to officially endorse the 6th Edition of the Kampala Geopolitics Conference.

This year’s event will feature eight roundtables covering a wide range of topics related to global challenges, security, regional trends, culture, and society. The conference aims to engage a diverse audience, including students, academia, civil society representatives, media, political decision-makers, and members of the diplomatic community. Cultural activities will also be integrated into the event.

Professor Barnabas Nawangwe, the Vice Chancellor of Makerere University, emphasized the conference’s focus on equipping the youth, who constitute a significant portion of Uganda’s population, with knowledge that can prepare them for future leadership roles.

“Of particular importance among the topics up for discussion is the rapid population growth and its implication for the growth and stability of Africa. The need to engage our students and youth who will end up taking on various leadership positions in the country with knowledge and a balanced perception as well as an appreciation of national and global affairs on the topic of population growth cannot be overstated,” Nawangwe said,

“It is our hope and prayer that this year’s conference will fill our students and the youth with hope and a renewed sense of responsibility to take charge of their future,” he addedHe highlighted the importance of discussing topics such as rapid population growth and its implications for Africa’s growth and stability, as well as engaging students and youth in meaningful debates about national and global affairs.

Dr. Paulina Chiwangu, the UN Women’s country representative, stressed the importance of empowering youth in Uganda, particularly in addressing the digital divide and advancing digital inclusion and economic opportunities for all.

“We hope to discuss the challenges in representation in the tech sector and how that has implications in bias in product design – including AI, the need for increasing education for girls in tech, and the need to enhance safety and access as critical for economic growth and inclusive job creation.

The conference will delve into various challenges, including representation in the tech sector, gender disparities in tech education, and the need to enhance safety and access to technology, all critical for economic growth and job creation.

The topics included in the conference program will cover a wide range of issues, including emerging geopolitics in Africa, rapid population growth’s implications, digital inclusion, gender and climate security, youth empowerment in politics and development, and the refugee crisis in Africa, among others.



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