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Makerere university launches COVID-19 anti-body test kits

Maker ere university building

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  Makerere University has launched a COVID-19 Anti-body test kit. The School of Public Health has been working on the testing kit since last year after the outbreak of COVID-19. 

The self-test kits according to experts are affordable, fast and favourable for mass testing. They will be suitable for high-risk areas like schools, prisons and some districts. 

Experts reported that it will take between four to twelve months for the antibody test kits to be out on the market since it is still undergoing approval tests and improvements. According to Dr Misaki Wayengera, a researcher at the School of Public Health, says that the test kit will be able to establish whether one has been exposed to Covid-19 or not.

Dr Wayengera, says that if the results are positive, one has to go ahead and do a COVID-19 test.   He adds that for easy access, the anti-body test kits will cost 3,000 Shillings on the market.

Dr Aceng Ruth, the Minister for Health says that the launch of the kit is timely. She says that since Uganda might experience a second covid-19 wave, the country has its affordable testing kits will be helpful.

The project is being funded by the government of Uganda through the Makerere University Research and Innovations Fund, Ministry of Science and Innovation, French Embassy in Uganda and the Uganda Bankers Association.    



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  1. Congratulations

    I test positive,(been exposed) go for Covid -19 test (active virus/visiting), what next?
    How long does it take from my being exposed to antibody test becoming positive?

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