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UPDATE: Raila Odinga address pushed to Wednesday

FILE PHOTO: Raila talks during the campaigns. He makes a final stand on the polls today. PHOTO RAO.CO.KE

 POSTPONED: Kenya’s Odinga to unveil next move over vote dispute on Wednesday 


Odinga’s options, NGOs deregistered

Nairobi, Kenya | AFP |  Kenya’s opposition leader Raila Odinga will this week announce his strategy for contesting his election loss, a decision with the potential to ease or exacerbate tensions in the country.

The 72-year-old insists he is the rightful winner of a “stolen” election which took place on August 8 that handed victory to incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The claims sparked a wave of protests in his strongholds which left at least 16 dead and 177 injured, but these quickly abated as his supporters — and the country — await his decision on his next move.

The veteran opposition leader has now lost four elections. He also cried foul over results in the previous two.

After the 2007 vote, Odinga’s supporters took to the streets, and a resulting crackdown coupled with a wave of politically-motivated tribal violence left over 1,100 dead.

Finally, an internationally brokered compromise led to a coalition government in which Odinga served as prime minister.

In 2013 he challenged the presidential results in court and lost. But this time, Odinga has so far defied pressure to take his complaints to the court.

Speaking to cheering supporters on Sunday, he vowed to press on.

“We are not done yet. We will not give up. Wait for the next course of action,” he said, promising to speak again on Tuesday. NASA has now pushed the address to Wednesday.


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  1. we’re not happy as NASA supporters we feel Kenya should be split into two. Like Germany

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