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LIVE: President Museveni’s 4th national address on COVID-19

▶ Timeline of Uganda response to #COVID19 #CoronaVirus
✳ Jan 20 – Screening starts of all passengers arriving at Entebbe Airport
✳ Jan 30 – The WHO declares COVID-19 outbreak a public health emergency
✳ Jan 31 – Ministry of Health officials meet Chinese Amb Zheng Zhu Qiang
✳ Feb 1 – PM Rugunda chairs inter-ministerial meeting
✳ Feb 3 – President Museveni sets example, screened at Entebbe arrivals
✳ Feb 3 – 2nd meeting between MOH and Chinese Amb
✳ Feb 3 – Uganda’s Cabinet discusses virus outbreak
✳ Feb 5 – Minister of Health Aceng updates the public
✳ Feb 11 – MOH update Statement on preparedness
✳ Feb 19 – MOH issues detailed guidelines on how to prevent virus
✳ Feb 21 – Screening starts at Malaba and Busia border points
✳ Feb 26 – MOH Press brief, no suspected or confirmed case of #COVID19 in Uganda
✳ Feb 26 – Minister of Health Aceng briefs press
✳ March 2 – ICT Minister Nabakooba releases ministerial statement
✳ March 2 – MOH- all international conferences postponed
✳ March 8 – 22 Europeans coming for a conference sent back home after they refused to self quarantine
✳ March 11 – MOH restricts travel and puts quarantine on arrivals from 16 high risk countries including US & UK
✳ March 12 – Uganda restricts travel to countries hit by COVID 19
✳ March 13 – MOH releases guidelines to schools
✳ March 18 – President Museveni statement to the nation
✳ March 18 – Schools to be closed, Weddings, burials, church gatherings all suspended
✳ March 20 – Samples from 7 suspected cases Kampala and Kanungu Districts test negative
✳ March 21 – National multi-denominational Prayers held at State House
✳ March 21 – President Museveni 2nd address | Uganda closes borders to human traffic, stops flights
✳ March 21 – Uganda confirms first case of COVID 19
✳ March 22 – President Museveni makes 3rd COVID 19 national address
✳ March 23 – Uganda announces 8 new coronavirus cases
✳ March 24 – President Museveni makes 4th COVID 19 national address

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | President Yoweri Museveni says Uganda will suspend public transport after analyzing the extent to which the eight people who were found to be COVID-19 positive have affected those they have interacted with across the country. It is his fourth address in a week.

He also warned traders that he will cancel licences of those found increasing prices of food. “Do not lead us into temptation but deliver us from evil,” he said.

“I’m hearing crooks hiking the prices of food. If I find anybody hiking the process of food, his license will be canceled and they’ll never never be allowed to trade here. Don’t take advantage of Ugandans.”

On water, key to reducing the spread of the pandemic, Museveni said cabinet will discuss the price of the utility on Wednesday.

The address comes less than 48 yours after he urged that, “If you do not have your own car, boda boda or bicycle, stay at home. Stay at home, where are you going.”

FILE PHOTO: Museveni during the third briefing. He is addressing the nation today again.

He is speaking to the nation, hours after the Ministry of Health confirmed Uganda’s tally of coronavirus cases went to nine.

The first case announced Saturday was a 36-year-old Ugandan, a resident of Kakungulu Zone, Kibuli in Kampala, who returned home Saturday morning (2.00am) aboard Ethiopian Airlines from Dubai. He traveled out of Ugandan on March 17 for business.

He is now isolated at Entebbe Grade B Hospital.

“The passenger manifest has been retrieved and all contacts are known as we are in possession of the passports of all the travelers that came on that plane,” said Minister Ruth Aceng.



  1. Breathren,Let’s pray for our country UGANDA until something hapenz,God be upon u all!!!

  2. We appreciate all the measures govt is putting across to prevent Ugandans but the cost of living is now growing higher eg 1 pkt of salt is at sh3000=soap sh6000 a bar etc here in Rushere.We need help

  3. I appreciate his Excellency the president of Uganda (YK M7) and his team toward the struggle to end up coronavirus in qn is:incase of outbreak of this virus in the far north of Uganda like Agago,pader,kitgum,Gulu etc,how Will people be helped faster since the signs and symptoms are similar to other diseases?

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