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LIVE: Museveni delivers State of the Nation Address 2017

Museveni delivers the SOTN address. PHOTO PPU

In fulfillment of the constitutional requirement under Article101 (1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda,  President Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday delivered the State of the Nation Address, 2017.

The president mainly gave accountability on particular government commitments and  appraised the country of the plans and strategies for the next twelve months. He also outlined bills that will come to parliament (see full list below).

“On this occasion of the State of the Nation address, I will just summarize what the NRM was telling the population during the elections of last year.  In order to guarantee prosperity of our country, we need to remember five issues,” said in his address. (see live feed page 2)

“These five are: peace; development of the infrastructure and the human resource; wealth creation; jobs creation; and market access.  Sometimes, we package them differently as ten strategic bottlenecks.”

His address at Kampala Serena Conference Centre also marks the opening of the 2nd session of the 10th Parliament.


State of the Nation Address President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni June 6, 2017 by The Independent Magazine on Scribd





1 Management of Uganda Government properties abroad “Overseas properties and Immunities Bill.
2 The Uganda Institute for Diplomacy and International Affairs (UIDIA), Bill.
3 Foreign Service Bill
4 Social Impact Assessment and Accountability Bill.
5 The National Council for Disability Amendment Bill.
6 Community Mobilization and Empowerment Bill
7 The Traditional and Cultural Leaders (Amendment) Bill.
8 The Occupational Safety and Health (Amendment)Bill
9 The Labor Disputes (Arbitration and Settlement) (Amendment) Bill.
10 The Employment (Amendment) Bill.
11 The Workers Compensation (Amendment) Bill.
12 National Youth Service Scheme Bill
13 National Youth Council (Amendment) Bill.
14 Uganda National Cultural Center (Amendment )Bill, 1959 CAP 50
15 Public Service Pension Fund Bill,
16 Salaries and Allowances (Specified officer) Bill cap 291 of 1999
17 The National Records and Archives (Amendment) Bill.
18 Bank of Uganda (Amendment) Bill.
19 National Payments Systems Bill.
20 Investment Code (Amendment) Bill,
21 Micro Finance Deposit Taking Institutions (Amendment) Bill.
22 Financial Leasing Bill
23 Motor Third Party Insurance Bill.
24 Income Tax (Amendment) Bill, 2018
25 VAT (Amendment) Bill, 2018
26 Excise Tariff (Amendment) Bill, 2018
27 Stamps Duty (Amendment) Bill, 2018
28 Finance Bill, 2018
29 Tax Procedures Code (Amendment) Bill, 2018
30 Supplementary Appropriation Bill, 2018
31 Appropriation Bill, 2018
32 Institute of Procurement Professionals of Uganda (IPPU) Bill
33 Annual Budget Estimates for FY2018/19 – Motion
34 Corrigenda for FY2018/19 – Motion
35 Budget Speech FY2018/19 – Motion
36 National Budget Framework Paper FY2018/19 – Motion
37 Semi Annual Budget Performance Report FY2017/18 – Motion
E Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries
38 Agriculture Extension Bill
39 The NAADS Amendment Bill.
40 The Universities and Tertiary Institutions (Amendment)Bill.
41 Fisheries Bill
42 National Coffee Bill
F Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs
43 Constitution (Amendment) Bill.
44 Administration of the Judiciary Bill.
45 Geneva Conventions Act (Amendment) Bill.
46 The National Legal Aid Bill,2015
G Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities
47 Uganda Wildlife (Amendment) Bill.
H Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development
48 Uganda Land Commission Bill
49 Land Lord –Tenant Bill
I Ministry of Water and Environment
50 NEMA Act (Amendment) Bill.
51 The Climate Change Bill.
52 Water Act (Amendment) Bill.
J Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives
53 New Sugar Bill.
54 Consumer Protection Bill.
K Ministry of Works and Transport
55 Uganda Construction Industry Commission (UCICO) Bill.
56 The Engineers Registration Act (Amendment) Bill.
57 The Draft Roads (Amendment)Bill
58 Building Control Bill
59 The Civil Aviation Authority (Amendment) Bill
60 Traffic and Road Safety (Amendment) Bill
L Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports
61 National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) (Amendment) Bill.
62 Physical Activity and Sports (PAS) Bill.
63 Uganda National Examination Board Act (UNEB) Amendment Bill.
64 The Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium (Amendment) Bill.
M Ministry of Internal Affairs
65 Government Chemist Agency Bill.
66 Uganda Citizenship and Immigration Control Act (Amendment) Bill.
67 Small Arms and Light Weapons Control Bill.
68 A policy framework on poison information management in Uganda (to guide the government  Analytical Laboratory in establishing the National Poison Information Centre)
N The Office of The President (Directorate for Ethics and Integrity
69 The Inspectorate of Government (Amendment) Bill.
70 The Asset Recovery Bill.
O Ministry of Health
71 National Specialized Hospital Bill
72 National Health Insurance Bill
73 Indigenous and Complementary Medicine Bill
74 Mental Health Bill
75 National Food and Drug Authority Bill
76 Public Health Act
77 Health Tertiary Institutions Bill
78 Organ and Tissue Transplant Bill
79 Uganda Health Services Management Institute Bill
80 Pharmacy Bill
81 National Health Laboratories Services Bill


  1. its good to address the nation on the situation of uganda

  2. The STONA was quiet good bt the President didn’t talk about the major stories trending in the country

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