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Land row threatens to derail USMID project in Lira

FILE PHOTO: A section of residents in Lira are threatening to sue the municipal authorities for allegedly trespassing on their land i expansion of roads under the USMID project.

Lira, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Lira municipal council has threatened to halt tarmacking of boundary road after a section of residents threatened to sue the municipal authorities for allegedly trespassing on their land.

The road which stretches from Lango College in Adyel division to Ngetta road in Railways division will be tarmacked at a cost of 15 billion shillings under the World Bank Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development- USMID project.

The money will also be used to tarmac other roads and beautify some areas in the municipality.

However, five residents who include Esther Ocepa, Lucy Olong, Milly Apio and Emily Akii among others issued a notice of intention to sue accusing the municipal authorities of trespassing.

They claim that their plots 9, 13, 19 and 32 were encroached on during the demarcation of boundaries.

Their lawyer Mike Abwang Otim, says that demarcation process was marred with irregularities meant to change the design of the road which requires more land for expansion.

He says his clients are now demanding that the first process of centre lining and pegging of the road be restored and also they get compensated. They are also demanding 27 million shillings in general damages and another 25 million shillings as legal fees.

David Kyasanku, the town clerk Lira municipal council says that a section of residents living around the road in Kirombe East and Kirombe West villages in Adyel division are now resisting the project claiming that the land being demarcated belongs to them.

He says that they will meet the complainants to resolve the matter of contention and if they fail to reach a compromise, they will be forced to transfer the project to another area.

Lira municipal council engineer, Freddy Owiny says the USMID project does not have a component of compensation and expressed fear that if the current disagreement continues, locals could lose the project.

The other roads that will be tarmacked include Bala road, Obangakene, Note Ber and Olwol among others.



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