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Kutesa meets US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Tillerson (left) meets Kutesa. COURTESY PHOTOS

Uganda’s Kutesa hails US decision to prioritize trade with Africa

Washington, US | THE INDEPENDENT | The Minister of Foreign Affairs Sam Kutesa has called on US business operators to do business with Uganda as the physical and policy environment is one of the best in Africa.

He made these remarks at the recently concluded African Ministerial Meeting on “Trade, Security, and Governance in Africa” at the US State Department.

The November 16-17 meeting was an initiative of the United States of America to consult African countries on core issues of engagement identified by the new US Administration in forming priorities for Africa. Focus was on trade and investment, security and counter terrorism, and governance issues including democracy, The Rule of Law and accountability.

Secretary Secretary of State Rex Tillerson assured the African ministers that the US desired to exchange  views with Africa on issues of common interest. He said the US will as a first priority focus on economic relations with Africa.

He acknowledged the vast trade and investment opportunities in Africa and said that, that was why the meeting was also being attended by American CEOs of major companies. He assured the ministers that the business relationship shall be mutually beneficial.

Kutesa hails new initiative

Kutesa thanked the new US administration for the new focus on business with Africa and spirit of dialogue calling it “a breath of fresh air”.

He enumerated the various investment opportunities in Uganda especially in agriculture and agricultural processing, mining, oil and gas, tourism and general manufacturing.

Kutesa, was also among a group of African Foreign Ministers who held a consultative meeting with U.S Senators Mike Rounds, Senator John Nichols Boozman with Senator James Mountain Inhofe as host and chair.

The Senators assured the African Foreign Ministers of their availability to help promote understanding between US. and their countries. Kutesa appreciated the gesture by the new US administration of constructively engage with Africa in pursuit of mutual beneficial interests based on dialogue instead of dictating terms.

Kutesa was accompanied by Ambassador of Uganda to the United States Mull Katende and officials of the Uganda Embassy in Washington DC.

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