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KIU criticized for move to deny pregnant students exams

Opendi read the memo from KIU that was barring pregnant students from writing exams

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Parliament has criticized the move by Kampala International University (KIU) to stop female nurses and mid wives from sitting for the national examination on grounds of pregnancy.

In a memo presented to Parliament by Sarah Opendi, Tororo District MP, KIU was quoted to have instructed all female nurses and midwives to take pregnancy tests at shs5000 lest they miss the forthcoming exams.

“The memo states that failure to do so, ‘you will not sit for the Uganda Nurses and Midwife’s Exams’. If this is true, it is discrimination of the highest order,” Opendi said.

The memo dated 09 November 2022 was signed by the Acting Dean of the School of Nursing at KIU.

Opendi raised this matter during the plenary sitting on Thursday, 10 November 2022 chaired by Speaker, Anita Among.

Among was equally disturbed by the memo and asked the Ministry of Education and Sports to ascertain its authenticity. She condemned the move directing that it should stop.

“This is very unfortunate; we will not allow this; these are not kids, but even then, the primary seven pupils who get pregnant are allowed to sit for exams,” Among said.

Among observed that it was necessary to obtain factual information to avoid falling in traps of malicious people with intention to spoil the name of KIU.

“You may find that it is not KIU which authored this letter; when its someone who wants to spoil their good name, I have asked the Education Minister to ascertain the facts,” Among said.

Kitgum Woman MP, Lillian Aber expressed dismay at KIU’s leadership and called for measures that would discourage other institutions from such acts. “As women, we would feel discriminated against. If this is true, we need a written response from Parliament such that no institution repeats this,” Aber said.

Speaker Among shortly thereafter, read to the House another memo from the university stopping the earlier on putting the matter to rest.




  1. It could be the university’s policy.

    • Not likely to be intention to spoil

      It is a conflict of interest ( faith vs looking like all embracing)

      You admit mature and often married students then keep imposing the religious code of conduct.

      Such an institution cannot accommodate exclusive breast feeding practice

      Yet there is a claim of gender main streaming

      It gets worse when similar ideas are directed to basic components of training like the detail of professionalism

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