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KENYA: Ugandan security on high alert


Enanga: Uganda also observing protests in South Africa, Tunisia, and Nigeria

Malaba, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Ugandan security forces have been put on high alert in case of any spill over from the outbreak of protests in Kenya due to high cost of living.

Kenyan riot police were out in force on Monday in a day of action called by the opposition to protest the country’s cost of living crisis, despite a ban on the demonstrations.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga, who narrowly lost last year’s presidential election to William Ruto, has vowed that the rallies will go ahead. Kenyans are suffering from surging prices for basic necessities, as well as a sharp drop in the local shilling against the US dollar and a punishing drought that has left millions hungry.

Addressing Journalists on Monday, Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, has said they are closely monitoring the situation in Kenya and in case of any spill over they are ready to swing into action to quell the effects of the neighbours’ protests.

“We are ready for any spillover effects that could arise out of the protests in Kenya,” Enanga said. “Like any other protest, there is always a potential of violence and for that matter we have contingency plans to address any security and safety concerns that may arise along our eastern border with Kenya.”

FILE PHOTO: Odinga at a recent rally

He said although there is still peace at the border points with Kenya, they have deployed and kept an eye, to make sure that such violent acts spill to Uganda.

Police also said they are keeping an eye on similar protests in South Africa which could also have an effect on happenings in Uganda.

“We know that, especially in opposition, they will want to come out to mobilize Ugandans to also demonstrate in the same manner in Kenya, South Africa, Tunisia, and Nigeria, we shall act accordingly,” Enanga noted.



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