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Kazinda is fit to stand trial in Court says Doctor’s report

By Julius Odeke

The medical report that has been issued by the Mulago National Referral Hospital indicates that Kazinda the former Principal Accountant in the Office of the Prime Minister is fit to stand trial before court.

A doctor who carried out a thorough medical examination on the health status of Godfrey Kazinda, has found that he is fit to stand trial for reportedly plundering billions of donor support funds.

An official medical report signed by Dr Fredrick Nelson Nakwagala said that Kazinda is a known patient of hypertensive heart disease and metabolic syndrome and while in Mulago Hospital he was able to walk unsupported with a normal gait and no focal neurological weaknesses or findings were noted.

Nakwagala says Kazinda’s results after examination showed that he had no recent history of fever, no cough, no diarrhea, no vomiting, no headache and no loss of consciousness, no yellow of eyes, no classic diabetes symptoms and no convulsions.

“He has no psychotic symptoms particularly no paranoid delusions, no mood changes, no violent behavior and he has good insight of his illness,” Nakwagala, stated in his report.

This however, contradicts the earlier statement issued early in the week by Alex Kakoraki, the medical officer from Luzira Hospital, who told court that medical tests found that Kazinda had depression, a health condition where an individual is sad, leading to different character manifestation that negatively impact on different systems of the body.

Kakoraki further told court that Kazinda had spent almost a week with partnered abnormal sleeping habits coupled with incoherent speech due to “severe depression” and was therefore not fit for trial.

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