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Kayoola bus thrills Mbale as residents demand for Kiira airplane next

Kayoola bus on a road test drive in Mbale. Courtesy photo

Mbale, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | There was excitement in Mbale city as residents and the business community turned-up in big numbers to have a glance at the Kayoola bus.

At around 6:00 pm on Friday, Kayoola bus which was built by Kiira Motors Corporation and Luweero Industries, a military institution emerged from Soroti to enter Mbale city and started making rounds within town as it made stop overs in the major streets within.

The locally-designed and built diesel-powered bus which was on road test drive in the region left city dwellers excited with many grabbing photo moments while others cheered on saying the country has really developed if it can produce buses. The dark grey 47-seater bus Reg No UBJ-720H that was made by Kiira Motors Corporation-KMC, the state enterprise spearheading the making of vehicles in Uganda and the Luweero Industries, a military institution.

At every stopover, the Resident City Commissioner would call on the people in that particular area to have a glance at the bus, they would enter to have a feel of the luxurious interior with reclining leather seats, footrests, a lavatory, foldable tables, WiFi and CCTV cameras.

“Members come in and feel the inside of this bus, it is ours, it is locally made here in Uganda” Pamela Watuwa, the Mbale city RDC called on the residents at all stopovers.

Anthony Mutenyo, the chairperson of Mbale Trucks Association on Naboa road said it is good for the country to produce such precious things. He said the production of buses in the country will reduce on the cost of transport in the country.

Ronald Owembale, a boda boda rider and his friends said that since the country has started manufacturing buses, they now await to hear that they are also producing aircrafts. He said the job done is commendable.

Ahamada Shaga and Bashir Silikye, all residents within the city expressed joy for seeing the Kayoola bus. They said the bus was awesome and so luxurious and that they expect more things in the country and that such things will benefit the youths especially those unemployed.

Hakim Watenyeli said this is an indicator the country is developing at a higher speed but he wants assurance that the company manufacturing the buses is wholly owned by Ugandans to avoid the repatriation of profits by foreigners, money that would have helped to develop and grow the county.

Pamela Watuwa, the Mbale RDC told journalists during the drive that the manufacturing of the bus in the country is an indicator that the country is geared towards securing the future of its citizens.



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