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Kayihura says security has nabbed suspects in Kaweesi murder

Kayihura speaking in Rubaga yesterday. Today he has indicated there might be progress in tracking Kaweesi’s murders

IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura has told mourners at the funeral of AIGP Felix Kaweesi that security has nabbed suspects in the ongoing manhunt for murderers of the fallen police spokesman.

Speaking in Lwengo Tuesday afternoon, Inspector General of Police Kayihura said that he had just been informed that security agencies have already arrested some suspects connected to the murder of Kaweesi.

“In fact as we talk now, there are people we have arrested. There was another one of them going to Congo that we have caught,” he revealed.

The head of Uganda’s police did not give any more details but said that while Kaweesi’s murder was a blow to the police, it did not indicate a total breakdown of security in the country, as critics are saying.

“Some people have been saying that Kayihura is sleeping. On radio it is ‘Kayihura this’, ‘Kayihura that’…. I want to assure you Kayihura does not sleep,” he said, adding that “security agencies are not sleeping to keep this country safe.”

Kaweesi was Uganda’s second most prominent policeman. He was shot and killed in his car on Friday along with two other officers as he left his home outside the capital Kampala.

Assistant Inspector General of Police Kaweesi served as the force’s spokesman and was one of the country’s most high-profile officers.

Police killings are rare in Uganda, and the murder resembles the assassinations of an army officer in November last year and a senior public prosecutor in 2015.

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  1. So you have arrested some suspects? Bravo!
    I bet none of them will ever get convicted. They will appear before a magistrate, have charges read for them after which they will be remanded while police continues with its “investigations” which will take forever.

    During this time, some suspects may mysteriously die in prison, while others may be released due to lack of evidence.

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