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Kalangala Police posts still in sorry state

Kachanga Police Post in Kalangala

Kalangala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  Police posts in Kalangala have remained in a story state nine years after the police leadership embarked on a process to uplift the state of the posts on different islands that make up the district.

There are eight police posts in Kalangala district spread on densely populated islands of Kitobo, Buwuvu, Kyamuswa Bubeke – Namisoke, Noose and three on the main Bugala Island.

However, all the posts operate in temporary structures built using wood and mud, which gives suspects advantage to escape from lawful custody.

Last year, 7 suspects escaped from Kitobo and Kachanga police posts before they could be transported to the main island to appear in court.

Several other habited islands including Ntuuwa, Jaana Funve, Kyeseerwa, Lujaabwa among others lack police posts. Other police posts have been reduced to ashes by fire destroying property and records.

In 2017, the Officer in charge of Nkose Police post, Rodgers Kakuta was forced to mobilize residents to contribute fund to put up a wooden structure.

The post serves up to thirteen islands that makeup Mazinga sub county. Sande Gerald Kayita, the Mazinga Sub county LC III chairperson, says the area is infiltrated by criminals who usually steal people’s property both on water and landing sites.

Kayita says there is need for immediate intervention to uplift the police stations and outposts to handle the increasing theft on Lake Victoria.

Last year, three Ugandan nationals were found dead between the Islands of Nkose and Ukelewe islands on Lake Victoria. Marine police said investigations indicated that the three were transporting fish when they were they were killed.

Suspects were arrested but fled the island district. Kalangala District Police Commander, Benon Byamukam, says the best and cheapest way of constructing houses in Kalangala is through the use of wood cut from forests within the area.

“It is more expensive for us to use bricks and cement to construct a facility. It is true we face challenges in handling suspects. However, we maintain vigilance on all outposts as a way preventing challenges such as suspect’s escape.” Byamukama said.



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