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Kadaga wants relief food distributed across the country

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Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga has tasked able members of the public to contribute towards aiding the vulnerable people within their communities overcome the challenges that came with COVID-19 restrictions.

Kadaga observed that the national taskforce is currently concentrating its’ food aid campaigns in the areas of Kampala and Wakiso while sidelining other equally starving communities throughout the country.

Kadaga noted that Busoga Kingdom had a responsibility to lobby food items to cater for it’s starving population as soon as the cultural institution handed over a cheque of 85 million Shillings to boost the operations of the National COVID-19 Taskforce early last week.

She was speaking during the launch of the Busoga COVID-19 relief food taskforce at the kingdom headquarters on Monday. The taskforce also unveiled food items worth 200 million Shillings which were lobbied from the business community and well wishers.

Kadaga says that the food items will be distributed across the 11 districts of Busoga sub region among lactating mothers, pregnant women, bodaboda riders, taxi drivers, street vendors, elderly and persons with disabilities.

Osman Noor, the regional taskforce chairperson told journalists that a section of people within the region were against the kingdom’s aid to the national taskforce when Kingdom subjects were silently starving.

“Most elite Basoga claimed that the act of donating funds to the National Taskforce was insensitive and uncalled for as many people back home were left starving. But after fulfilling the president’s call for aid, we reorganized ourselves and embarked on this campaign,” he says.

Meanwhile, Wasswa Balunywa, the chairperson of Busoga Royal Concepts tasked the Basoga to save part of their surplus earnings to feed themselves in times of disaster.

Balunywa says that the kingdom should set up a committee of experts mandated with educating masses on the importance of savings and self-reliance in order to reduce food scarcity in the region.



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  1. Hi there dear friends? I’m not happy with Rt.Hon.Alitwala Rebecca Kadaga what she did to the people of the republic of Uganda. many people in the villages countrywide they’re starving, but for her she gave out that money for MPs to consume it saying that they’re going to teach about covid19 pandemic virus while Mr president said that no people should be in crowds.she’s not fair at all because they’re going to fulfill their stomachs only no wondering about voters! they’ll consume it then during elections exercises you’ll see them coming to ask votes fake MPs. many people in towns and villages countrywide they’ve no food have they ever noticed about that in their minds?we’ve as many as 457 MPs most of them they’ve done nothing in their municipalities and what’s their use if they’re to remember voters during elections? the money you’re collecting from donors is it all for vehicles only? what about those who donated mineral water boxes,bars of soap and other goods?I think these ones will disappear into officers.

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