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JOURNALISTS: UPDF court martials 7

UPDF military court will decide fate of those who beat up journalists. PHOTO UPDF MEDIA

Army apologizes to assaulted journalists, pledges to foot medical bills

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT & URN | The Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) had court martialed seven of its officers, a day after journalists were beaten as they covered former Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi deliver a petition at the Human Rights officers in Kampala.

The military police unit disciplinary committee (UDC) the lower court of the court martial, today 18th February, 2021 convened and deliberated on its officer and militants who misbehaved . The UDC presided over by the chairman Lt Col Gai Mpandwa sentenced the service men to various punishments.

The seven, who all faced assault charges, are Capt Jessy Odwenyi, Cpl Justine Nimusiima, Pte Peter Wasswa, Pte Tsame Imran, Pte Victoria Kisakye, Pte Isaac Opiyo and L/cpl Kassim Zirimenya.

Capt Odweny was sentenced to 90 days of detention in Makindye military barracks,

L/cpl Zirimenya was also charged with 60 days while Cpl Nimusiima Justine was sentenced to severe reprimand and caution while Pte Kisakye Victoria and Pte Opiyo Isaac were sentenced to 62 and 60 days in the military prison respectively.

The accused were taken to military court hours after the Chief of Defense Forces-CDF Gen. David Muhoozi apologized to journalists and the media fraternity over his forces’ violent attack on them yesterday.

While covering National Unity Platform (NUP) Kyagulanyi’s petition submission to the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights on alleged human rights violations, the military police descended on journalists who had camped near the Ethiopian embassy having been denied access to the UN compound and beat them up.

According to a statement from UPDF, the chairman warned the culprits and the entire military police at large to always emulate discipline and professionalism while on any deployment. He also added that the above officer and militants will act as a deterrent measure to officers and militants while executing their constitutional mandate.

A number of journalists sustained injuries some of which were very serious and needed medical attention. Today, the CDF flanked by the spokespersons of the UPDF Brig. Flavia Byekwaso and Deo Akiiki said they regret yesterday’s events and vowed to bring to account the perpetrators.

“On behalf of the UPDF, I ask for forgiveness because what happened yesterday were individual mistakes and we shall do everything to see that those responsible are held to account according to UDF laws,” Muhoozi said. “No one sent them. When we deploy our forces we give them rules of engagement but this time they went beyond these rules.”

The CDF added that as the UPDF, they are going to meet the treatment costs of those who sustained injuries. “We cannot reverse what happened but we shall assist them to get treatment,” he said.

“The lessons we learn from this incident and those before it is that when we make a mistake we apologize and then forge a way forward where all of us can do our work without clashing.”

He added that he thinks as the UPDF they should include modules in the training manual of soldiers to include the role and the way the media should be treated.

Muhoozi said they will also start using cameras in their operations to capture what happens in the field where they send their officers. This he said, will help in gathering evidence and also hold accountable their officers who go astray.

He appealed to journalist to also start moving with things that can identify them from non-journalists. “Yesterday there were some people who were not identifiable but this is not to say that when you don’t have identification then you should be beaten up but it helps a lot to resemble the job you’re doing that’s why for us we put on uniform,” Muhoozi said.

However, during yesterday’s fracas even journalists with press jackets and identity cards were not spared. Actually some of them like Irene Abalo Otto and Cliff Wamala of Daily Monitor and NTV respectively who were putting on their media labeled attires sustained more injuries.

Yesterday the United Nations called on the government to investigate what happened with a view of bringing to justice those who perpetrated the attack on journalists and other NUP supporters who had escorted Kyagulanyi.

“Prior to the meeting, members of the Uganda Military Police used excessive force to prevent a number of persons accompanying the NUP delegation from accessing OHCHR premises,” the statement issued by the UN reads in part.

“This behaviour contravenes the agreement with the Government of Uganda regarding the safety and security of UN premises, personnel and guests as well as national and international commitments. The Republic of Uganda is a member of the United Nations and has conveyed in the past its commitment to peace, justice, human rights and development.”




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