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Joe Biden warns Uganda on 2021 election irregularities

US State Department spokesperson Price stated US position after former presidential candidate Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine withdrew elections petition case in court

*⃣ US calls for independent, credible, impartial, and thorough investigations
*⃣ US considers range of targeted options to hold individuals in security accountable
*⃣ US will pursue their interests and pursue their values at the same time

Washington, US | THE INDEPENDENT & AGENCIES | The new United States government led by Joe Biden has said it will consider targeting anyone involved in irregularities that they say marred the 2021 Uganda elections. (see interview full text bottom)

“Uganda’s January 14 elections were marred by elections irregularities and abuses by the government’s security services against opposition candidates and members of the civil society. We will consider a range of targeted options to hold accountable for what we saw in relation to Uganda elections,” said US Department of State spokesperson Ned Price at a press briefing on Tuesday.

The State Department called for an independent and thorough investigation of all election related abuses.


The US Department of State spokesman acknowledged the important role Uganda, and President Yoweri Museveni has played in regional stability, especially with AMISOM in Somalia, but said, “We can pursue our interests and values at the same time.”

Spokesperson Ned Price was responding to a question related to the decision by NUP presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, to withdraw his petition from the Supreme Court  that he accused of being biased in favour of the incumbent Yoweri Museveni.

According to Uganda Electoral Commission results, Museveni won the January 2021 elections by 58.38% (6,042,893 votes), with Robert Kyagulanyi second with 35.08% (3,631,437 votes).

The Department of State advises the President and leads the nation in foreign policy issues. The State Department negotiates treaties and agreements with foreign entities, and represents the United States at the United Nations.

There statement is similar to that issued early this month by the European Parliament, warning of sanctions on anyone involved in election violence.

On February 11, members of the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to adopt 19 resolutions taking stock of the human rights violations in Uganda.

Some of the resolutions include; justice and accountability for Ugandans who died in November riots, increasing scrutiny of Uganda’s fiscal management and transparency and systematic review of EU budget support programmes.

They also reiterated the need for sanctions against individuals and organizations responsible for human rights violations in Uganda.

Government dismissed all the accusations and last week President Museveni met the EU representatives in Uganda to reiterate their position that the foreign experts were simply misinformed and interfering in matters they do not understand.

“By involving yourselves in matters that you don’t understand, even if you do understand, you should not get involved because this kind of misconduct can lead to many serious consequences and suffering of the people like it happened in some African countries,” Museveni said at the meeting.



QUESTION: Yes. So opposition leader Bobi Wine said on Sunday that he was dropping the legal challenge to Uganda’s presidential election results that handed the victory to incumbent Museveni, citing supreme court justice hearing the case were biased. Can the State Department comment on the latest development, and does the U.S. consider Museveni as a reliable partner in the war against terror?

MR PRICE: Well, I believe we said this before, but it probably bears reiterating that Uganda’s January 14th elections were marred by election irregularities and abuses by the government’s security services against opposition candidates and members of civil society. We strongly urge independent, credible, impartial, and thorough investigations into these incidents. We’ll consider a range of targeted options to hold accountable those members of the security forces responsible for these actions. When it comes to President Museveni, Uganda, of course, does continue to play a regional role and does have an important role when it comes to some of our interests in the region. It is a troop-contributing country to AMISOM in Somalia, in its international efforts to defeat al-Shabaab.

But again, this goes to the point that we’ve now made even more times throughout this briefing, that we can pursue our interests and pursue our values at the same time. We are considering, as I said, a range of targeted options to hold accountable those who are responsible for what we saw in the context of Uganda’s elections, just as we continue to work with Uganda to pursue some of our mutual interests.





  1. “The US Department of State spokesman acknowledged the important role Uganda, and President Yoweri Museveni has played in regional stability, especially with AMISOM in Somalia, but said, “We can pursue our interests and values at the same time.”

    What are those interests? US imperialism became a laughing stock when the Capitol was raided by thugs, racists and white supremacists. Give Uganda a break. Now they cannot tell us that they are too civilized to the extent of going onto a civilizing mission for Uganda. Uganda has a leader who is as experienced as the US president. Uganda also has a constitution. How is the US going to teach the Ugandan president how to conduct an election in the country or how to prevent anarchy? We have seen how the US election was being trashed by the defeated candidate. How is that very different from the Ugandan situation where a musician was trying to ride on some fake populism to the top? The US should stop bothering the small African countries that prefer homemade solutions. What made the US fail in Somalia whereas Uganda has succeeded in bringing some sanity there? Moreover, the Somalis themselves seem to prefer an African solution. Ugandans should not allow bullying from foreign powers. It belittles Ugandan citizens or even the country’s sovereignty when a big foreign power tells us how to elect leaders by trying to armtwist Ugandans into electing a foreign puppet. Ugandans have a unique voting culture and know what they want.

    • your comment is so superficial and shallow, you either don’t know what your talking about or your blindfolded by the junta, any sane person can literally see how 35 years of dictactor museveni in power have done more harm than good. please stop reasoning like a primary kid,

      • this coming from someone without a reasoning – other than attacking someone who had their own point of view. So why not present your own “reasoning” that apparently isn’t superficial and shallow?

      • You are only learning from my comment. By calling it “shallow or superficial” it means you have no intellectual capacity at all to deconstruct what I have stated. You are a person of only average intelligence and you need to return to school to be taught how to think. You can learn a lot from me from this platform. Next time learn to think. It looks like you did not go beyond primary/elementary school. Your ignorance is understandable since you are ideologically bankrupt.

        • I also really don’t like the way USA is trying to intervene in our Ugandan issues colonialism stoped long time ago i must stay I needed change but I rather have president museveni than kyagulanyi who can’t stand as Aman & instead cry to the us to lead us through him we got tired of indirect rule..that nonscence and selfish interest should stop they want our & there homosexual nonscence .we are acountry led by the Holyspirit not Americans and so only what The God of Isreal wants for Ugandan will only be but not wat USA wants fireeee fireee America don’t make us Libya you are tractors u want to use kyagulanyi wrongly but the power of God will take away his blindness mind your country plus the proud boys did u call any ugandans to deafeat the proud boys .mind your business

        • If you say: “You are a person of only average intelligence…” that means you asmue that average means bad, what by definition it doesn’t.(statistics) And by saying: “You can learn a lot from me..” you asume that your intelligence is higher than average. No actually intelligent person needs to state that he himself is intelligent. He shows it with his actions and thoughts. When Stephen Hawkings was asked about his IQ he responded: “I have no idea. People who boast about their IQ are losers.” You will find no statement of him stating that he is smarter than someone else. With intelligence there comes modesty. And just so you know Intelligence doesn’t mean knowledge or wisdom.

      • U also stop reasoning like a fool.Uganda is an independent country we don’t need to be under a stupid country that thinks it is stronger than others
        Let Uganda solve its problems
        And let American solve their problems first.

    • For those undermining the US statement on Uganda politics, you are just state operatives with selfish interests, yu canmt say Kyagulanyi was simply riding on fake populism, in acountry where all departments are trashed by the incumbent, you can’t exclude foreign interference when you cant hold onto truth within , we the people of Uganda have given you chances to exhibit your so called “African” solutions right away from the vote to court but you have deliberately refused to hear our voice, the US isn’t inteferring in Ugandan Politics, we the People of Uganda are calling for help from US to overthrow the self proclaimed JUNTA ( dictator), give us a chance to apply our generation solution to our generation problems that is all the we the people of Uganda are asking from the Government

        • The problem with people that benefit in this regime is that they will try to depict a different situation than actually is. We still need foreign interferences cos its where we get the money to run the country. The expertise to train our army.

          • please foreign interference have destroyed the economy of so many countries so if you are interested, you continue supporting such stupid foreigners.Actually we are tired of destroying African countries

      • Marcel, your superior occasionally Kyagulanyi refers to your remarks on generational solutions, for which I find a luck of huge dimension.
        I know you played “busu” – a local game when you agree and accept to lose once tapped out – whilst growing up but clearly you and him have not out grown this game.
        The generation of YK Tokuhaburwa has been creative against all odds and “kulembekaed” or engineered Uganda’s story to where we are today. Some of their contemporaries like Samora Marcel, sankara et la have not made it out of the woods like how Tokuhaburwa has done.
        You need to study the political history of Africa especially around the Nile valley for the last 3000 years to understand what is happening to you and me.
        My point is create your own success story like how this tokuhaburwa generation is doing and give them the credit. Africa’s problem is in adopting a democracy system that seeks to change leaders every two seconds, which is silly,. Africa was once great when you had leaders in power for 60-80 years, stability at the top.
        Also, why are Africans preoccupied with today’s problems, I thought these were dealt with yesterday? Who is thinking about our future? The whites have a special quality of planning way ahead of the time even when they will be long gone, in other words fir their great great children, how about us?
        You have a favourable environment “youngmen” create your own and bring to the table instead of okusuza. This will not be tolerated.

      • Jesse Tom Kitanywa

        that has always been on my mind and you just said it right

    • Well said!!!

  2. MUGWERI Joseph Peace

    How can an Illegal president talk about a legal president? Biden, social Media, democrats & the so called ELITES: connived TO RIG AMERICANS. & Trump,. THEY RIGGED THE ELECGION PLUS STAGGING PLAN DEMENSTRATIONS, SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN VLACKMAIL, BLOCKAGE FROM social MEDIA, The George killing, and Capitol hill saga that was staged by trump enemies and circulated by the Social media that blocked Trump from telling the whole World THE TRUTH. SHAME ON YOU. THIS UGANDA, NOT AMERICA. LEAVE UGANDA ALONE BSE BIDEN & his allies just stole & rkgged The entire electoral process. How can BIDEN, America,or Europe CHARGE UGANDA WHEN THEY ARE MASTERS OF CORRUPTION, MURDERS & DISCRIMINATION. STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT PLEASE American’s BIDEN, EUROPE and the like, GOD & HIS CHFIST, AFRICA IS AWARE & Ready to be INDEPENDENT. Let me hope yup are independent as the name of the paper. FOR GOD IN HEAVEN & MY DEAR COUNTRY UGANDA, thee PEARL OF AFRICA. LONG LIVE UGANDA & all loving Ugandans..

    • Same question here! How can an illegal president indeed!
      Joe you have no moral authority ro say anything concerning the pearl of Africa politics. First repent and be allowed to go for holy communion in your religion, then advise Uganda.

    • 100% Correct.
      Hypocrites and Blackmailers telling Africans what ?
      Satanists using democracy as a Satanic Tool to keep Africans in perpetual poverty while we are the richest continent on earth.
      As an African.Museveni is an African Elder and bobi wine (stale wine) is a small boy. President Museveni is an African Solution to an African problem and he has come along way.*BRAVO MUSEVENI*

    • But u people you don’t be ashamed of supporting a man who has stayed 35 and even wants to add him self 14years when the rest of Ugandans are suffering we tired of miseven we want change

  3. Enough is Enough. For 35 years people are tired. Museveni Must Go.let ugandans get a new face.

    • Kipto John Cheboriot

      People are tired? Which people? Are you their appointed spokesperson? Be specific and talk about yourself. If you’re tired, say so. But respect people/Ugandans who have contrary views. Civility and commonsense demands so.

    • You can put the face of your bobi wine in your house.

    • Is it about the years or performance?
      Deliver yourself from locking your brains thinking that only Busoga and Buganda regions decide.for Uganda. You’re very blinded.

      • He must go we are tired of u fake regime of war comes it’s k

      • Irene, that is a powerful question you’ve put forward! People do not invest enough thought in whatever they do. Unfortunately, Uganda has awakened and it’s not possible to destabilise this country, not even American can try. It’s time to stop the Arabs and Whites from extending their conquest from the north sometimes and from with in, to wipe blacks off the face of this land. Museveni to me is like Menes, the great Menes and he means his words don’t be fooled by his quiet demeanour. He is a courageous and very intelligent man. My worry is, Kyagulanyi is digging himself a very bad hole that will badly affect him and his relations for generations to come. Any black man than runs to these people, inviting them to come, is an enemy of every black person. You watch this space!

    • Not without a warning

  4. At the moment US lost it’s credibility according to election irregularities that appeared in it’s recent elections, Biden is an illegal president he is also aware that he stole Trump’s vote so we don’t expect any advice from a thief, I am not saying that what is happening in Uganda is right but USA is not the right country to even comment. Museveni must go.

  5. Ned Price is the US State Department’s 1st openly gay spokesperson.

    So… that time when Museveni was on tv telling us about foreign meddlers who were backing particular candidates, whose supporters had been openly talking of causing Libya-style chaos in Uganda…

    that time when he mentioned homosexuals and some of us even laughed…

    kumbe his information was in fact correct and he knew exactly what he was talking about?

    • “But again, this goes to the point that we’ve now made even more times throughout this briefing, that we can pursue our _interests_ and pursue our _values_ at the same time.”

      – Ned Price, US State Department’s 1st openly gay spokesperson.

  6. first revise your English before writing here your crap, its shameful that we still have Ugandans who think l like this …I think change itches, you first look at what has happened in these 35 years of their ruthless rule then…. you support your Government(NRM), because it has done more harm than better

    • “first revise your English before writing here your crap, its shameful that we still have Ugandans who think l like this …I think change itches, you first look at what has happened in these 35 years of their ruthless rule then…. you support your Government(NRM), because it has done more harm than better”

      This comment needs to be printed, framed and publicly displayed.

  7. How ironic. The US should be the last to “coach, preach, agitate” for “democratic” rule around the world. The Capitol riots, the indiscriminate killing of black men – not talking about releasing the white police officers that killed them under unscrupulous circumstance (talk of rape of justice), treatment of Palestinians through favoring apartheid Israel policies, illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that were based on wrong evidence, unequivocal support for Saudi Arabia that has the worst human rights – not forgetting the state sanctioned killing of Khashoggi, etc. As Ned Price mentioned in his briefing, the US has its other interests with Uganda despite the “malpractices”. They really don’t care about Bobi Wine as long as M7 does their dirty work in Somalia and South Sudan. Woo to those who think the US will close their money taps or sanction key Ugandan political or military people. Key message, Ugandans have to plan and execute their own redemption from M7. No one else will.

  8. Moses Muhindo Kibalirwandi

    I think popular court is the best! Ugandans have known how to contain their democracy. Voting the rightful candidate is fairly done in all countries. statements like elections were “free and fair” are humble enough for any learned person to understand. Kyagulyanyi is bright to stop and withdraw petition. He should work with elected MPs, LCV, LC3s in the country. This will help him to gain victory come 2026. The same may be done with NRM supporters to consolidate and improve on their way of doing things to the public. When learned and sensible individuals read and follow NRM Menifesto 2021-2026, the implementation if rightly done most Ugandans will vote in NRM. These irregularities in the recent completed elections (2021-2026) may not be blamed on a single party or political candidate but most supporters from either sides were rude against those of the other side. Most NRM candidates in some places like Kasese District were mistreated physically and psychologically. However, all these show the struggle NRM has made to heal wounds of political anarchy that raided Uganda soon it got its independence in 1962. Let me say Uganda may still be like USA which has alternatively voted presidents from democrats and republican. Musevani group let you do the best. Kyagulyanyi group be calm and struggle to make a strong NUP. Record has shown the central Uganda is marked NUP make it country wide otherwise it may be like Kabaka-Yeka. NRM is a national political party that covers Uganda not one region. This may be a weakness already identified with NUP. The second weakness is that foreign countries are NUP strong supporters than Nationals this too is a weakness. The mineral deposits in Uganda may be the cause for foreigners to support the young political party. What happened to FDC that it did not get such overwhelming support and sympathy from USA. Could be celebrates in USA are supporting Bobi Win what about M7 grandchildren commonly known as M7 age group 0-40 years. These M7 group has enjoyed peace without comparing with the past where 50shillings was an order along the road, cuing or lining for sugar or salt was an issue in Uganda. The above 40 years Ugandans look at Museven as “a liberator” who saved Ugandans from troubles. However, all Ugandans are constitutionally encouraged to protect their sovereignty we must do what is right.

  9. Kipto John Cheboriot

    Mr Price, with due respect to your statement, it’s yet another sad day for sovereignty and mutual respect. I challenge Mr Price to name any single country where US intervention has produced a better situation for the citizens of the country. What is in abundance for the known overt interference by US is a trail of destruction, misery, death, resource looting, economy crippling, state collapse, etc. The covert interventions have produced even worse results. It is very unethical for US to think that a person (President Museveni) who is a strong ally of US in furthering security and stability in the region, a person who has enabled US to cater for its interests, in the same person whom US now thinks can not take care of his country’s citizens interests. Does it mean US interests are anti people??

    Certainly, US may be seeing an enlightened M7 who stands for his people, and for the Africans. He is this seen as an obstacle because he commands respect globally and more so among Africans. US and other western lobbyists are thus strongly propping a very weak person and puppet Kyagulanyi through whom they think they can advance their heinous agenda. It is abhorrable a conspiracy, and Africans are aware of this conspiracy and won’t sit by.

    It is common knowledge Kyagulanyi commanded his thugs to terrorise Ugandans in Nov 2020 and even now. Women were undressed and sexually molested, buildings burnt, people and shops robbed, security officers and citizens attacked, etc all in a well planned and coordinated ops by Kyagulanyi and his team. He even came out to openly own this thuggery and goons. But he has never apologized to Ugandans. And he is planning to repeat the same now that he has US, EU on his side backing him. CIA was evidently and is evidently present in Uganda and knows all the above incidents and who did what. Why Doesn’t US call Kyagulanyi to order and hold him accountable for his misdeeds rather than bolstering him to continue his crimes and genocide planning on Ugandans?? PLEASE MR PRICE, TELL YOUR FELLOW AMERICANS TO DESIST FROM CREATING ANOTHER LIBYA, ANOTHER DRC, ANOTHER SOMALIA, SYRIA, LIBYA, ETC IN UGANDA. You also stand to lose as you have lost in the above countries.

    • What you call a loss is their gain. When homosexuality failed to reduce the population to their expectations, they kill people in the name of removing “dictators”.
      That’s sophisticated dictatorship! Dictating on whether or not to produce even!!!!!
      Tooooo sad. Joe, start thinking your age please otherwise you beshame the House of Christ.

      Anyway, concentrate on controlling covid 19 as of now or else God will send you covid-21 even.

      God will slowly erase you from the face of his world. Repent now.
      Leave Uganda to her seniors.

  10. Museven is our hero long live m7

  11. “Ned Price made history as the first openly gay spokesperson for the State Department when he was appointed two weeks ago…”

    In Uganda, he would have a hard time. He’s 38 like Bobi Wine. Museveni had said Bobi Wine is supported by Gay people.

    If this is the case then Bobi Wine stands no chance of remaining politically relevant in Uganda. Soon his political party might be deregistered. Then they can shout about human rights.

    • So Mr Price is GAY.GAYISM-HOMOSEXUALITY is also a Satanic tool a form of worship to Please god Lucifer/Satan the Goat god….Same as Endless wars in Africa, perpetual poverty and Refugees- Miseries that makes SATAN HAPPY.
      Is Mr Price also a Pedophile ?
      ‘Mr Price go to hell’ and STOP humiliating Africa ,it’s Leaders,It’s People and It’s Natural ……

  12. Why don’t Americans stop their superiority over Africans.
    They claim to be solving problems else where leaving their home problems.your not coming to solve anything but disorganise everything in our peaceful country.
    Style up.

    • I do think you’re not Ugandan, just hired mercenary to confuse the largely excluded youth with these so called English terms.
      Uganda is in turmoil and we badly need a redeemer

      • Kipto John Cheboriot

        Redeemer my foot!! Their (US, EU, imperialists and their puppet bafoons) redeeming is nothing but a trail of blood, misery, death, disease, starvation, failed states, etc. If you’re for such redeemers, you are an enemy of Africa, an enemy of Uganda. And know what? GO TO HELL.💀💀💀

        • l hear a trail of blood, misery, death? are you not ashamed of your self, do u mean what u say, are u not seeing da man who suits those attachments? go to hell?

      • I salute u they have hired them to

  13. it was un democratic way of doing things that kicked Gadafi out of power, Mugabe, the Bashir. how impossible is that with the US and their partners, the NATO?

  14. Mr Price says “we can pursue our interests and pursue our values at the same time”. Notice how he does not say that they can pursue Uganda’s interests or values or even Africa’s for that matter. We are weary of the US’ interference in foreign politics. Things are not perfect at home at the moment but let’s not be fooled, we need not agree as a country but we need to stand together. We are beseeching our leaders not to lead us into ruin. Let’s remember our friend Libya and the NATO strikes which killed approximately 1,108 civilians and wounded over 6,362. Today, nearly a third of Libya lives below the poverty line. According to Global Research, Libya also once had the highest life expectancy rate and GDP-per-capita across Africa. Today, however, the country is what many consider to be a failed state, and GDP per capita is down nearly 10,000 USD. Nine years after the fall of Muammar Qaddafi, Libya continues to struggle to end its violent conflict and build state institutions. External actors have worsened Libya’s problems by funneling money and weapons to proxies that have put personal interests above those of the Libyan people. Know that these foreign powers do not care about us so are we going to let them use us as proxies. We need to choose carefully as a country, how many of our loved ones are we willing to sacrifice?

    • Kipto John Cheboriot

      Well put. Salutations! They’re vampires, leeches, parasites, agents of death, nothing else. Them and their local puppet agents must be exposed, rejected, and resisted by all means!!

  15. Its the climax of our happiness as Uganda’s since m7 forced himself to win ,they were very tearful votes

  16. We can pursue our interests and pursue our values at the same time as humans, why do you put their uganda, this is a global village? its museveni who wants us to be like libya? why cant he leave even when the reasons are clear?

  17. l hear a trail of blood, misery, death? are you not ashamed of your self, do u mean what u say, are u not seeing da man who suits those attachments? go to hell?

  18. Look who is talking ! Hypocrites and blackmailers.

    Africa should no longer be lectured about democracy by Washington…. Go to Hell with your hypocrisies and blackmail.
    *Africa is the richest continent in the world (Natural resources/Agricultural Products)…Some of the multinational in coffee/chocolate are richer than the whole of African countries combined?
    How comes African is the poorest continent contributing less than 3% of the world’s global trade?
    *Western democracy is a Satanic Tool to keep Africa in perpetual poverty…. A form of slavery whereby the master imposes his will against Africans in the pretext/context of Western democracy.
    I consider President Museveni as an African Elder and Bobby Wine (Stale Wine) as a Small Boy.Museveni is an African Solution to an African Problem.*BRAVO MUSEVENI* Uganda has come along way because of you…Ha!Haa!Haaa! Western values and interest to keep Africa poor while we the richest!!! VERY CLEVER.

  19. We Ugandans we want to see miseven out of power enough is enough
    35 yrs of s dictator who even want to catch more of 14 yes as he raises 5to 7yeats
    We are tired of musenven we want him in any way out

    • Bobi Wine is a bisexual, pretending to have a family while dealing with homosexuals who are sponsoring him because they are angry that Museveni said that they are considered worse than pigs in Africa. In Uganda, homophobia is official. In fact, when a gay man speaks on behalf of a government dominated by heterosexuals, it is a way of giving him his rights to the mainstream for the first time. This man Ned Price is using his statement to Uganda to pretend that he has been liberated from the homophobia and gay-bashing in the US. In Uganda, he cannot dare step there because right from the airport he will get the first gay-bashing from the immigration officers who will not allow him into the country.

      Just imagine if they had succeeded in imposing bobi waragi on Uganda. Gay marriage would have been legalized and the African values trashed. Ned Price is talking of pursuing their interests and their American values to be imposed on Uganda. President Museveni has been doing a lot of their dirty work by sending our soldiers to die in Somalia in trying to stabilize Somalia where the American soldiers used to sodomize Somalis. That’s why Somalis prefered anarchy to their stay there. I think our soldiers should be withdrawn and let the Americans pursue their interests and values in Somalia. Ugandans should defend our sovereignty now and tell these Americans to go home.

      • Who will force to involve in it k
        Do you know how many Ugandans are suffering because of 35 yrs stop that arrogancy turning us to homosexual issue as some one passing 7yrs Bill
        So that he remains in power
        Miseven is going to cause a dangerous case because he does not want love power we are tired you stop
        Bobi may be the best but miseven is the worst on all

        • First, grow your party nup which was only stolen and the name was changed three months ago. You have failed to defeat Museveni democratically. So you can only sing that he doesn’t want to leave power. Museveni is a symbol of peace/stability for our country. He cannot leave the country for a drug addict a.ka. bobi waragi who made a pact with the devil. If you are not satisfied in Uganda which is stable, then try and relocate to DRC, S. Sudan, CAR, or Somalia, then you will stop “suffering” when you are there.

          If Museveni is tired then we have those two Muhoozis and other educated people, civilians or educated retired army officers. We also have NRM, the largest party, Speaker, MPs and others to pick the next candidate. But for God’s sake, not bobi waragi! He doesn’t even know what he’s doing, eg. insulting the supreme court judges, etc.

    • Thanks to President Museveni, today Ugandans have a respected country in the East and Central Africa….Just the other day,Ugandans were ‘SCATTERED ALL OVER’ like diarrhea….I remember going to school with Ugandan refugees but today….Bravo Museveni is a true African Leader and Elder….That small boy called bobbi chang’aa and his promoter Mr Price are an insult to Ugandans and Africa.

  20. They voted them selves n won on their minority foolish election converted into majority decision , bt some idle citizens support a no – freedom secret govt . Even them waged war to take over power , them too carry crime in them .

    # freedom with always poor services

  21. At some point all those who don’t want the American interference are right.but what breaks me down is that what the US is talking about is the brutality,injustices,abductions etc.i have not heard or read anywhere when they talk of coming down to crack us.
    So my question is,
    Of all you Ugandans claiming good down here,who hasn’t seen all the American concerns happen.i rest my case.

  22. I’m astoundingly amazed by the incredibly low standards/expectations being displayed and profoundly defended by the likes of Isaac, Victor etc.

    The extremely poor and incompetent governance is obtrusively glaring for anyone with half an average brain to miss.

    I do appreciate Isaac and others perceive Uganda as a Utopia but I’m afraid the majority of people in the country naturally have much higher standards.

  23. #Victor are you among the lost Uganda n’s or ur also paid for that work, ? Coz I don’t expect a real citizen of Uganda who can analyse maters to think like u unless ur paid to think like that

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