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Jinja residents anxious about new city status

Jinja City. PHOTO PPU

Jinja, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT | Residents in the outskirts of Jinja city are anxious about the operations of the new City, which, according to them, could have effects on land ownership.  Jinja City became operational on July 1.

But some of the residents in the villages of Budondo, Mafubira and Buwenge are now afraid about the changes that come with the elevation to city status. The said areas were annexed to Jinja city, as authorities sought to expand its boundaries, yet they were not initially part of the town council or even the municipality.  

The residents fear that being part of the city could affect their ownership to customary land, a developement which exposes them to land grabbers. Others fear that their buildings were not planned for the city, fearing that the elevation is pushing them into a status to which they do not belong and that they will most likely be subjected to taxes.

Sarah Musenero, a resident of Kyomya west village in Buwagi parish, Budondo sub-county says the residents were never sensitized about how the city would affect them in terms of development and co-existence. 

Karim Kyuma, a resident of Namulesa village in Mafubira sub-county is awed that they were included into the Jinja city and thinks that it is the only way to develop areas in the outskirts of the town.

But Dr Frank Nabwiso, a resident of Jinja city says the city status was rushed without considering land issues and farming, which is supporting a sizeable majority of the households in the area. 



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