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It is urgent that Uganda’s presidential candidates sign a Peace Pact

FILE PHOTO: Museveni (left) and Bobi Wine

COMMENT | Crispin Kaheru | It is high time that Presidential candidates sign an Election Peace Pact with the objective of securing a peaceful General Election due next month.

Given the escalating circumstances, formal and informal institutions including: the heads of Government organs such as Judiciary, Parliament and the Executive, must quickly act together with other influential non-government actors to:

  1. Impress it upon the presidential candidates to take a stand against electoral violence, take a stand against impunity and take a stand against injustice as well as commit to a peaceful election and judicial resolution of electoral disputes.
  2. It is clear that we can no longer leave the role of ensuring a peaceful election to one or a few institutions. This is a shared role. Given the tone that Presidential candidates often set for a general election, it is time we get them to sign a Peace Pact from which the entire country will hold them accountable for their actions or inactions.


Crispin Kaheru is a Ugandan Socio-Political Commentator, and independent elections expert

Twitter: @ckaheru


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  1. Wake up Chripin.

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